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I read a few of the stories in this collection back in the fall and 'The Heroine' was by far the best. It really made me think and was the perfect length. I look forward to seeing what you think about the other stories.


I like Patricia Highsmith in any case, but I thought for a first story it was incredibly well done! I hope there are some others that are equally good, and I will find out as I plan on reading one story a week!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

This collection looks fantastic - I've had my eye on it for a while. You're getting me hooked on short stories, Danielle! I like that idea about subverting the norms of domestic perfection (not, I have to say, something that I should be commenting on if you could see my rooms!).

Jan S.

This style of mystery has a charm to it, I feel. The bygone era can be the perfect place to lose yourself in a story. The cover of this book is wonderful, and deserves a spot on my shelves,
btw, your response to my comment on Jan. 1 was partially lost in the margins, so I couldn't read it all.


I second Vicki's comment: you're getting me hooked on short stories, too. I have several collections I've picked up and hope to get to this year. Of course, this one sounds right up my alley! My short story collection list grows longer...


Short story reading in 21014 is off to a good start! The books sounds perfect for you and dangerous with all that reading list at the end!


I have this collection sitting on my shelf and do want to read it but just haven't gotten around to it. In general I hope to make more of an effort reading short stories this year. I think last year I only read 4! Looking forward to reading your recommendations on good ones to try!


I was wondering if you had this--I think it is a book you would appreciate! I really love short stories. You should see the small (well, maybe not so small these days) collection I have of anthologies and collections by single authors. I should really stop buying them and try and begin working my way through more of them. I would not have made a very good 1950s housewife! Domestic perfection is something I fall very far from.... what's a little dust anyway. And a few piles of books. As long as it is all tidy at least.... ;)


Not sure if this will work--this was my reply to the Jan 1 comment:
I must pick it up soon, then! I was going to start it on the break but then ended up trying to finish books from that end of the year list (though some of the books where I was not very far into the story just went back to the shelf to read later...). Caroline at Beauty is a Sleeping Cat also read it and it made her top ten list. Otherwise I've not seen it much talked about either--and I know she is good, so I have high hopes! I have a huge gaping hole when it comes to Gone with the Wind. I think it is hugely popular even in other cultures and I have no idea why I never bothered to even buy a copy before now. But I am looking forward to getting to it--maybe later in the spring. If you read it, let me know--maybe we can read along together?

And I agree--the cover illustration is perfect and I love stories from this era. This was a real find for me and a fun follow up to last year's Persephone Short Story Collection.


Which collections are you going to read this year--always curious about what others are reading! :) This is a fun one and I thought it would work nicely with my vintage mystery reading!


I had such a hard time choosing a collection. I was thinking of reading the Virago Complete Collection of Stories by Elizabeth Taylor--pretty mammoth in size but it would be a great read. I might still do it when I finish this one, but I wanted something a little shorter to begin with. I do think it might be dangerous. I was contemplating starting a novel by Highsmith, but I have talked myself out of starting another new book right away.


Some people don't read any short stories at all, so you are doing better than many! :) I think the first year I really began reading in earnest there was a challenge going on and I just kept going with them--so glad I did as there are lots of great collections out there. I also want to make a more concerted effort to read all the New Yorker stories this year--one a week--should be manageable right? I tend to let my magazines pile up and need to try and read and then recycle in a more timely manner.


I've gotten these collections at my library book store: Wallace Stegner's Collected Stories (on the strength of loving his Crossing to Safety); Alice Munro's Carried Away; and The Modern Library's Best Russian Stories--copyright 1917! It contains stories by Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy and others. I don't know that I'll be able to read all of these this year, but I may dip in and out of them instead.


Those all sound good--especially the Stegner. I was just thinking I need to read another novel by him--I loved Crossing to Safety, too! I hadn't thought of trying his stories. I would like to read all of Chekhov someday--it crossed my mind to start it this year, but I am a little afraid to commit myself to something like that right now. Maybe later this year. And Alice Munro is always good. I'd like to pick up another of her books sometime soon. I have the big volume of Elizabeth Taylor's stories that Virago published not too long ago and am toying with trying to tackle that next when I finish this collection--but it is pretty hefty and would be another long term undertaking. So, we'll see. There is lots to be said for dipping into collections randomly!


I'm decidedly tempted to get this collection as well.
True about Highsmith. She mostly chose male protagonists. I hadn't thought about that.


I think you would like this collection. I am looking forward to picking it up again and reading the next story. I was tempted to slip in a Highsmith in my reading but have too many other books going so will resist. Maybe when I finish something else...

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