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I am definitely adding this one to my list. I'm reading another intriguing love story set in World War II, but I rarely become tired of the setting.


Woops. Danielle, I see it's World War I--even better. J.


This definitely sounds worth checking out!


I read about both wars, too. Which book are you reading at the moment? I had no idea Deborah Moggach was so good--I have just started another book by her--her first--and so far like it very much--entirely different setting and sort of story. I have a feeling she is a very versatile writer and is good no matter what the subject matter.


It's one of her more recent book and is very much worth taking a good look at! It seemed fitting to start there (actually at the time I only had one other book by her and now have several...) since this is the centenary year of WWI.


The only one of Moggach's books I have read was Tulip Fever, which was good but not great. I have just requested this one from the library as you have definitely caught my interest here!

Liz F

I read a lot of Deborah Moggach's early books and always enjoyed them but haven't read any of her more recent work which sounds quite different from the books I remember.
I must look out for this one!


I love that feeling this book gave you! I got if from MaddAddam back in December and I still think about that book at least once a week. I've read some good books this year but so far I've not found a wow book yet. There have been a few that have been close but nothing that gave me that wow feeling.


This sounds wonderful, I've made a note of it on my TBR list. Thank you for the review.


This sounds so good I've made a note of it already and I am planning to read it in May when I have a 'War and Remembrance' month again. My library has it in translation so I'll take care to make a request for it in time.


Lovely review, Danielle! I love Deborah Moggach but haven't thought of reading her in ages. I will have to look this one out. I wanted to drop you a line today, but it's been a tough one. I should definitely be appearing in your inbox tomorrow!


I have Tulip Fever, too. I keep looking at it, but never have started it--glad I began with In the Dark--loved it. I will get to Tulip Fever eventually too.


I wondered if she was someone you had read. It looks like she has been publishing since the 1980s and has quite a long backlist to her name. I have caved in and started another book by her called You Must be Sisters about two young women--and it does indeed have a very different feel to it--maybe not surprising since it is her first published book. It's very good, too, but the tone (sophistication?) is different.


I love it when everything about a book clicks--this was most definitely a case of the right book at the right time for me. I know just what you mean about looking for that wow book. Good is great--but I like those books that really make an impression--the Moggach did that happily. I still want to read Atwood's trilogy of books!


Definitely one to look for. Some books are a struggle to write about but books like these--I always have too much I want to say about them but don't want to bore (or give too much away) readers.


I really hope you like this one Cath. This is a story that is not directly a war story--but then again it sort of it. There are no battle scenes, but you most certainly feel the war on the homefront. I'm looking forward to knowing what you think of it.


I was thinking of you when I was reading the Moggach--she sort of reminds me of Clare Chambers--in how I feel about her writing, you know, as the stories they tell are so different--but both are for me such good storytellers. I had no idea she had published so much. Why didn't I come across her before! No worries about an email--I know exactly how it goes when there is lots going on--there is just so much time in the day to get things done--no matter how much you know you want to do more! I look forward to hearing from you whenever you have a chance--it will be a nice surprise to find a message in my inbox!


I really would love to read this. Such high praise. And I've never read her beore so it will be nice to read a great book and discover a new author.


It's me again!
I only just realized that I have one of her novels. I bought it after having watched the movie which I LOVED and wanted to mentioj on your India post - the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.


I think you might like this. It was so good--a war book but not a war book--almost hard to categorize. It was very dependent on the setting/time yet there was so much more to it--maybe as there were no battlefield scenes to it. At first I wondered what I had stumbled into but then once I got into the lives the characters I couldn't put it down!


I didn't realize at first that that was one of her books. I have yet to see the movie--and I have heard from others that it is really good. Now I have finally ordered a copy. I have started her first book--You Must Be Sisters. I think it will be good--but it seems much more light and airy--more of a comfort read almost than something with the same depth as that later book. Still, I am not too far into it so will see how it goes.


I read her book Tulip Fever years ago and loved it. I'm so glad you posted about this book because it prompted me to look for her website and didn't realize she's written so many books! Will definitely look forward to adding this one and others to my list!


I'm so glad you mention this and that you enjoyed it--I have it as well and plan on reading my way (ever so slowly) through her work! She has quite a long backlist--I had no idea either. I only had this and Tulip Fever and didn't know she had written so much more. Now I have ordered used copies of quite a lot of her books and look forward to reading each and every one!

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