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I couldn't resist The Secret Rooms either...


Have you read it yet? I bought it and then put it on the shelf to read later, but now I think I want to read it now after all!


I read pat barker years ago and always meant to go back to it because I'm sure I didn't appreciate it at the time. Thanks for the reminder

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I was thinking of re-reading Regeneration as well this year - such a remarkable book (as is the whole trilogy) - though I also haven't read her more recent works. Hmmm.


I want to reread The Killer Angels too--truly a wonderful book!

Yes, I agree, piles of books = happiness!

Margaret Powling

I am just coming to the end of The Secret Rooms. This is one book which didn't get put to one side with a marker in it!!! On the strength of it, I've now bought (for 1p plus postage) Catherine Bailey's Black Diamonds.
Our weather is truly awful here in the South West of the UK, high winds and rain and so much flooding in neighbouring Somerset, and the sea causing yet more havoc on the cost of Cornwall. But in the garden the day lilies are well up, and so are the daffs and tulips and the hellebores have flowers just about to come out - provided they are smashed to smithereens by the wind!


I have The Secret Rooms all ready to go, but will finish off a few other titles first; the pile is far too high!


The weather here is the opposite to yours ie VERY HOT- & I'm tired of it but at least books make it bearable. I'm reading Rebecca Mead's The Road to Middlemarch which is excellent. It's about her relationship with the novel but she also visits places associated with Eliot & it's a biography of Eliot as well as a discussion of the novel. As I read it again last year with Dovegreyreader, I'm enjoying all this very much.


Now that I think about it, I have never read any of Pat Barker's books, though I have several on my shelves. This seems a perfect place to start. And it is nice revisiting a really good book--I think there are a number of authors I appreciate more now as an adult than I did, or would have when I was younger.


Go grab your copy and read along! :) I plan on reading all three books eventually--we'll see how this first one goes. And I have not read any of her books, though I seem to be collecting them. I'm notorious for doing that!


For as many piles of books that grace my home you would think I am continually ecstatic! ;) You should reread the book with us--we won't talk about the book until the end of the month so there is plenty of time yet!


I have my copy at the ready and can't wait to start. I am just trying to finish a few other books first. I have heard it has been raining more than normally there. Such strange weather we are all having! A few more days of subzero temps for us here, but by the end of the week it is due to moderate--then just 'normal' cold. Somehow that sounds quite inviting--I am so tired of being perpetually cold! I hope your daffs and tulips pop up okay--I could use some colorful flowers to look at as well.


Me, too! I am hoping to finish a few of the books I mentioned yesterday before diving into a new one. I wish I had a nice day or two off to look forward to--but I just squeeze in the books whenever and wherever I can!


And I am sorry for you--I hate really, really hot weather, too. If only we could combine the cold here with the heat there it might be just right! It's really hard when the weather goes to extremes--it's hard to concentrate on much. I would love to reread Middlemarch--someday! The Mead book sounds really good. And yes, good books do help get your mind off things like icky weather!

Liz F

I made a start on Regeneration at the weekend and so far so good - I am finding it very intriguing to look at WW1 from quite a different point of view.
I must admit to having had a few qualms about it as at my first attempt (years ago when it was first out in paperback) I found it quite difficult but maybe either the time is now right or I have 'grown-up' sufficiently to appreciate it!
I was lucky to find a hardback copy of The Secret Rooms in a charity shop last weekend
and couldn't resist buying it although when I will get around to reading it is anyone's guess as my reading patterns are still very slow compared with last year.
I did race through the latest of Phil Rickman's Merrily Watkins novels last week though so maybe there is hope in sight!


I've been meaning to read Gass for ages and here they send you one as a NYRB. I am starting to regret not renewing!


I need to start it properly now that I have finished Alison McQeen's book. Since Sourcebooks sent me a copy and Alison was going to post here I had to change my reading schedule a bit. The month is absolutely flying by and I have accomplished exactly nothing and I hate that!I will be curious to see how I find the Barker--I hope it is not to difficult to get into. I haven't done much WWI reading when I thought that is all I would be doing this year. I hate that feeling that time is slipping away and my reading is going nowhere. I am looking forward to Secret Rooms, but I really do need to finish something else first--this is what I do, endlessly begin books without finishing one first. Doesn't it feel good to be so absorbed in a story that it just flies by? I don't think I have ever heard of Phil Rickman, so must go look him up.


Maybe the library will have the Gass? Although I totally understand that you want to get your reading piles under control and catch up on last year's books, I will miss having you as a reading partner--it helps me keep on track with my books! :) Now I will have to go it alone--somehow when they drop words like philosophy into book descriptions, it does give me a sobering moment before starting--this is one (despite the brevity) that I am going to have to pay careful attention to--but then how often has that been the case with NYRBs!

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