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Somehow I missed this book when it first came out, too. It sounds like a good read; I'm going to save it for one of those times when I need something comforting and heartwarming to read... Thanks for the review!


What a wonderful and heartwarming story! Yay for North Platte, NE!


It was a good holiday read--I very much enjoyed it. Of course I love it when I can read about history in such an interesting way! Definitely one to look for!


It was a nice read--nice in a good way. It's sort of strange to read about Nebraska from a totally different perspective--like Greene's. Apparently North Platte was not quite so tame before the canteen! I've never been there (that I can recall anyway)--sadly the depot was torn down in the 70s.


I haven't read Bob Greene in such a long time, though I like his writing style. It sounds like something I would enjoy, Danielle. Thanks for posting it.


Really lovely stories. I read a lot of this at the gym and I hate to admit it, a few actually brought tears to my eyes! :) I have looked at some of his other books--will keep an eye out for them.


I don't remember hearing about this either but sounds like a great read!


I really enjoyed it--was happy to have come across it when I did!

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