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I think her book The Blank Wall was one of the first Persephones I bought and read. I hope you'll enjoy it - it's a great story! I didn't realize there were several movie version of it out. Should check them out for fun.


I loved ESH's The Blank Wall. And so will you. But I've tried both the film versions and found them both disappointing.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I read The Blank Wall last month - really I do recommend it: she is up there with Dorothy B Hughes for me now.


Two good stories this week, yay! How many more stories do you have left in the Troubled Daughters book?


A copy is waiting for me at the library--I am going to pick it up after work today. I'm looking forward to it after reading her short story. This would have made a great movie, too. I might have to look for the adaptations of the book when I finish reading it, too.


I think I will like it--it almost seems like an unlikely Persephone choice to publish, but then again maybe not considering the domestic aspect of the story. Too bad about the movies--that is usually the case when they are taken from books, which is why I always read the book first!


I have a stack of books now thanks to these short stories. I have to finish the Tey mystery I am reading so I can pick up one of them. I am not sure now which I will end up reading next (with each story I seem to change my mind), but since The Blank Wall will be a library book perhaps I will start there! :) I'm moving far to slowly with my vintage crime novels!


Yes, a very good lot this week! I only have five stories left, which sort of sounds like a lot but they are fairly short--less than 80 pages total still to read, so I think I will be trying to finish the book this week/weekend and write about what's left in one fell swoop.


Such high praise from Chandler. That means she must be really special.
Your post reminds me I have a few of Denis Johnson's books. I've read a story or two and he is an excellent writer. I almost included his Vietnam novel in the readalong but it's rather long.
I like the quote you added (minus the car as well). It ressonantes with me too.


I had never tried Denis Johnson before--I am not sure if I had even really looked at his books properly, so this was a good reading experience and a nice little taste of his work. This is a reason I love short stories so much and have really enjoyed making sure I read all the stories that appear in the New Yorker--I keep finding interesting new-to-me authors! I will have to look for his Vietnam book--if only to see what it is like. I really liked this story by ESH--just picked up her book The Blank Wall from the library yesterday, too. There have been some really excellent stories in this collection--such a good find.

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