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Sounds very interesting and definitely looking forward to hearing more about Frost In May!

Oh and I had to finally get some "readers" last year. Ugh. They aren't that bad actually but I think I was sort of shocked! haha...


I'm really enjoying reading Antonia White--she's one of those "whyever did I wait to read her" authors! And I hate to admit that I am vain--my doctor gave me a prescription for bifocals so I could wear the glasses all the time, or at least not have to worry about forever taking them off and putting them on again, but I didn't want the line on the lenses--so I just asked for part of the prescription. Now I wish I had gotten the bifocals as I have to take them off at work when I look up from whatever I am reading. I can see fine otherwise (just needed a small correction) but reading small print is getting to be a problem. Oh well--next pair of glasses I guess. I was shocked, too, and it sounds like our need of glasses is sort of the same! :)

Liz F

I read these books so long ago that I barely remember them at all apart from that I got so drawn in that I raced through them (no reading blocks in those days!)Sadly my copies aren't lovely green Viragos, but linked to a TV adaptation, but I still have them and I might well get around to a re-read one day.

The needing reading glasses thing is deeply annoying! For some reason I assumed that having been quite short sighted for most of my life, the long-sightedness of age wouldn't affect me but no such luck! Who knew that you could need help for short sight and long sight at the same time!


How fun to like the first book so much you immediately start in on the second! And it's great all four are available, no long waits for the the writer to finish the next book!

Buried In Print

I'm enjoying the second book too; it's strange to adjust from Nanda to Clara, but at least once we shift for book two we know that Clara will stay through books three and four.

Justin Elvins

Oh I can't tell you how much I adore this book. Thank you for sharing.


Yes, this is certainly a case where my reading whims can be satisfied right away! I have all four books in Virago editions plus I have a book of her short stories and I broke down and ordered her diary--a used book to add to my 'collection'. I'm all set to have an Antonia White reading binge I guess!


It does feel slightly different, doesn't it--even though it is still Nanda. I think there were something like 16 (?-or maybe a few less) years between the first and second books and that probably had an effect on the tone of the books. I am glad, too, she stays the same for the remaining books. Do you think you would be up for keeping on reading or still prefer to take a break after this one?


I can see why--I loved the first and feel completely immersed in the second. I love the sort of book you really don't want to put down!


You've piqued my curiosity. The books sound lovely. I'll certainly see if I can get volume one.


I have had these books for ages--always meaning to get to them and now am so happy to have done so. I have really been enjoying the second book--loved the first one as well. I have a book of her short stories, too, which I will have to look at more closely now.

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