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I am glad you liked this. I have it and hope to get to it soon. In the meantime the author is guest posting at Historical Tapestry in a couple days. :)


I am so glad you enjoyed the novel. Thank you for your kind comments.

Margaret Powling

I have this on order so, for the time being, I'm not reading your review for now, tempted though I am!


Does it have anything in common with The Far Pavilions? It's one of those chunksters that have been on my piles for ages.


Oh this sounds like a good read! And even a cool and foggy India is much warmer and more pleasant to visit than a cold and snowy Nebraska!


I'll have to check out her post at Historical Tapestry--I get lots of good reading ideas there! Hope you enjoy this one, too. I'm glad it was more substantial than a regular historical romance!


I really enjoyed your book, Alison! I hope you are working on another (is it too soon, or am I just being greedy?! :) ). And thanks, too, for sharing about your work and guest posting--I always love hearing about the story behind the story!


I always try not to give any spoilers away (at least without warning), but I also like not knowing too much about the plot before reading a book. I will have to see what the UK cover looks like--it's always interesting to see how the designs vary!


Do you know I have never read The Far Pavilions, though I have it on my shelves! I have a feeling that The Far Pavilions is setting during an earlier period, but I think there is the whole British Raj thing going along--royalty and then the Colonial British comunity and some sort of love affair between two people of each culture. I should really pull my copy as now I am in the mood for something set there--it is a massive book, though, isn't it?


Yes, winter in New Delhi still sounds much more temperate than anything we get here! I don't know why I was surprised that it might be cold there! I liked this--liked that there was a nice, serious thread running through the story and I was able to learn something more about the history and culture. I had never really thought of ever traveling there, but now I am thinking it would be really interesting.

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