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It would be cool to live on a barge (preferably one of those river barges that can take you up and down the Seine). So, was this book a fairly non-stop, can't-put-it-down kind of book? Because I love books like that.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is a quick and easy read--just enough to take you away from the world for a while!


I love the idea of living on a barge, too. I wonder what they are really like and how cool to think you could pick up and move on to a new view when you like! I did find this one hard to put down. She moves back and forth between the present where you know there is something fishy going on to the recent past--how she got herself into the trouble she finds herself. I will most certainly look for her other books. I think her Into the Darkest Corner is supposed to be even better.


I don't think I could ever live on a barge but I remember when I went to Amsterdam I thought it would have been cool to stay on a houseboat instead of a B&B. Maybe another day!

Oh and the book, I like the sound of it!


I think it sounds nice but maybe I would reconsider if I did have the opportunity to try it--I wonder if they would be sort of cramped? I am sure I would like the gentle lapping of the sound, though. How cool to stay on a houseboat B&B--now that I would definitely do--maybe you'll get another chance when you get to Europe again!


This sounds interesting and different--a good combination.

I get seasick tied to the dock (and everywhere else on water) so I have no desire to live on a boat. But I'd be happy to visit you on yours one day!


Oh, that sounds like it was fun! I could go for living on a barge right now. What an different sort of life that would be!


You will be most welcome to come for a cup of tea or coffee and something sweet! And lots of bookish chat--now wouldn't that be great fun?! You never know--it could happen some day! :)


Wouldn't that be cool? And if you needed a change of scenery--no problem--just untie the barge and travel to a new port of call! It was a good book--just what I needed!


When I was living in Paris I had friends who lived on boats. One was tiny but the other one was as big as a house. It really has something. I met them because I read so much Anaïs Nin and she used to live on a boat. I just went to the Seine and that's how I met them. I never stayed there though.
Anyway, I understand the appeal. The book sounds excellent. I'm sure I'll read it sooner or later.


It was a good read. I wasn't sure about the protagonist--I kept seeing the bad choices she was making, thinking I could not relate to her, but in the end it didn't matter and her character really grew on me. How cool to know people who have lived on the Seine--I would love that. It sounds so romantic, though maybe it is not quite so in reality. I have read a few books that feature river boats no--hmm, that might make a good book list! :)

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