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What a great sculpture! My dad's side of the family is from Minnesota and they came here from Baltimore in covered wagons. I wish I had stories about that trip!


I love that sculpture!


This is a lovely sculpture, the shoes made me smile:)


You know I could kick myself now that my grandma has passed away that I never asked her about her life as a younger (and even older) woman--she grew up in the 20s onwards (I have old photos of her and she looks decidedly flapper-ish in them!) and I bet she had some great stories to tell. How cool that you had/have family who traveled West! I am sure the Little House books are a much rosier picture of life then but it is certainly most interesting! I love this sculpture too! :)


Isn't it cool? It sits in front of the museum so I get to look at it each time I visit. Should really have taken a photo of it with snow--now that would have been fitting!!


It's sort of wacky, isn't it? Even the bull (I guess it is a bull?) is wearing shoes. I always stop and 'visit' her when I stop by the museum!


I love the sculpture! Corn cob pipe, indeed. That is not Ma!

Little House on the Prairie is the definitive LH book, though not my favorite. I love Plum Creek and Silver Lake, and Little Town and Golden Year more, but it is still wonderful. You'll be able to build a log cabin when you're done, it almost reads like a DIY book.

I'm currently reading Crossing Purgatory, which is set in the same area and a bit earlier time period, though more into the SW than the Ingalls family went, but it's made me think about the Ingalls family out in Kansas Territory. Laura was born in 1867 and in reality lived in Kansas Territory as a baby not a young child as depicted in LHoP.

Enjoy your adventures in Laura's world!

Roxane Stoner

Love this artist, his name is Tom Otterness. "Large Covered Wagoon".


No doubt--not just build your own log cabin but do most of it without nails!! I am so loving the book and it is always nice to know there are even better reads coming. How could anything top what I have already read, right? I love this sculpture-not Caroline at all, though, that's for sure. The sculpture is probably closer to the truth in some ways. I will check out Cross Purgatory, too. I want to read about LIW but I sort of don't since I know the reality is going to be different than the books and I have such a warm, lovely feeling about the books. I am very much enjoying rereading these--just what I need now.


Thank you so much--this is such a wonderful sculpture--now I will check out his work and see what else he has made!


Such a lovely, lovely sculpture.
And your book sounds good too.
We still have it so warm. Trees are green, flowers everywhere.


That sculpture is wonderful! I am trying to remember which books I read in the Little House series and I think this one sounds familiar but it's been so many years. I wouldn't mind watching an old re-run of the t.v. show either. I was hooked on those :)


Isn't that a great sculpture--I like her! The weather here is still so changeable. It was nice yesterday--I went to buy groceries--but by the time I finished and left the store it had turned cold. And then last night it snowed! Not a lot, but it was frosty cold this morning and I had to wear my winter coat again on my morning walk. Needless to say I never know what to wear these days.


I loved the TV show, too. I am sure I must have sat glued to the TV every week. I am thoroughly enjoying the book and can't wait to move on to the next one. I am trying to ration them out, but once I get started I want to keep going.

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