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Buried In Print

Do you have shortlists going of Irish possibilities and Atwood maybes? Because, well, there's still snow on the ground, so you might as well make more lists!


I love going to museums but we just haven't had a good exhibit around here lately. When I lived in Dallas I used to work just a couple of blocks from the Dallas Museum of Art and I'd go there on my lunch break. What a nice way to break up the work day. And, aren't the museum shops the best? Looks like you found some great stuff. Stay warm, Danielle!


Yes, I think it really is possible to think about books too much. Just as possible as it is to be buying too many books. But that doesn't stop one from doing so, does it? ;) Glad you had a great weekend with your books and reading, despite the snow (or maybe it's rather, because of the snow?)
Oh, and I hope the snow didn't stop my card from arriving safely at your mailbox? Sending a little of our tropical heat over to you! We have been going through a bad drought here lately, to the point where the dams are at critically low levels and water rationing exercises have been enforced whereby households in affected areas are only given water supply every alternate two days.:S

Liz F

Is it wrong to say that I feel a bit cheated that we have had only a day's worth of snow here this winter? Lots of rain (although not as much as further south and west), high winds and fluctuating temperatures (cold one day and unnervingly mild the next) but no good cold snap to kill off all the bugs!
Your neighbourhood looks really interesting actually - one that has grown up over the years rather than a cookie-cutter new development which can be rather depressing!
Your Ancient Greek exhibition looks fascinating - it is amazing to see items like your favourite vase and realise how different things were when they were made.
Mary Renault's books are brilliant for bringing that period alive - I had some holidays in the Greek Islands in the early 80's and read quite a lot by her then although I haven't read anything since. I'm sure the books are still somewhere in the house so I might see if I can track them down!
I do hope that things warm up for you soon!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

That looks like a lovely exhibition - I wish something like that would travel here: I generally have to leave my state (sometimes the entire country!) for this sort of thing. Very nice. Your weather continues to terrify me - I don't think I'd go outside at all. I'm off to the north of Australia this weekend, where it will be tropical and hot. I wish I could put some in a box for you!


I haven't thought too much about either (yet) beyond knowing that I want to read something of both! Hmm. Maybe a list is in order.... You know how much I love lists! :)


I would love to work close enough to a museum to be able to drop in over lunch-a really nice atmosphere and just the place for a break midday. The Joslyn is pretty nice and I like to have lunch there on occasion and sit in the atrium. I also have a number of favorite paintings that I like to go and 'visit'. Maybe I'll share them here sometime. Yes, museum gift shops are very dangerous places-I love looking through all the art books. This catalog was a splurge for me--as I usually just look and don't buy.


Thank you--I was just going to drop over to you and let you know your card arrived in yesterday's mail! Thanks so much for the cool bookmark and the lovely little Paris scene--I cant decide whether to pin it up somewhere I can look at it every day or use it in a book. That was really nice of you--I had planned to do something of the same but then the time got away from me--so you might just find some little surprise in your mailbox when you are not expecting it! Did you have a good birthday too? I should not complain about the snow as we've not had anywhere near what other places have--but the cold has been especially difficult here this year--it is unnaturally cold still--maybe even as much as 30 degrees below normal. I hope you are not being effected by the drought rationing? Everyone seems to be dealing with some sort of weather difficulties--hot or cold, not enough water or too much. I do hope things moderate for all of us soon.


Hasn't the weather been really weird this year? I have a friend in the Netherlands who sends me postcards and has been lamenting too that she has not had a proper winter--no cold at all. Four seasons are nice to have--it's only when it is extreme and seems to last forever that makes it all so wearing. I can handle some cold and some snow, but this year it feels really endless. I didn't even leave the house on Sunday for my walk due to the drigid temperatures. I go a little stir crazy if I can't go out and walk. Too much rain and constant grey skies makes for a dreary winter, too, so I feel for you! Hopefully we will all get some good weather soon. The Greek artificts were amazing to look at--you can certainly see how much they were dependent on fishing for their lifestyle--it was the unifying theme it seemed. I am looking forward to reading Mary Renault--I have heard she is very good--never have gotten around to reading her before. My neighborhood is most certainly not cookie-cutter--that is one thing I can say! It will look much more appealing when things begin greening up again. I hear that by the end of the weekend we are going to have temps in the 50s! I will believe it when it happens--it feels so very far away still.


Yes, mail me a big box of sunshine and heat. I know I will complain about the humidity here come July and August....but I am going to try and remember what this feels like and then close my mouth! :) This cold is not normal for us this late in winter. We have broken records over it actually. I can handle normal cold, but this subzero stuff makes me want to hibernate. I only left home over the weekend for the exhibit--and that was the nicest (literally and figuratively) part of the weekend. I think you would really appreciate an exhibit like this--we lucked out. It is very hit or miss the art exhibits we get here. Enjoy the hot weather! Soak up a little sunshine for me!


I spotted Losing Gemma. I hope you like it as much as I did. As you know, I loved it.
I'm glad we didn't have any snow this year, no very cold temperatures, but it could still come for a few days or so. I hope not.
Your exhibit looks great. I love that Octopus vase. Wouldn't I like to have that.


Our patience has certainly been tried this winter and that goes for all around the globe, it seems. These minus double-digit temperatures are killing me! Our windows are only one year old but quite often we have ice building up on the inside...Spring can't come soon enough! Thank goodness for reading and other lovely things such as museum visits to get us through.


Glad you went and saw the Poseidon exhibit! Greek art is so fascinating especially when you are familiar with the myths. I have plans to go see a Matisse exhibit next month. I am looking forward to that. Hopefully they will have some good postcards! I didn't go out either over the weekend preferring to curl up under a quilt and read.


Yes, I meant to tell you my copy of the book came in! I am looking forward to reading it. As soon as I finish the Haynes (hopefully by the end of the weekend) I will pick up another suspense novel--and that is one of the 'contenders'! (I have so many good thrillers to choose from it is always a dilemma). I am surprised you didn't get any snow--I always expect Switzerland to have snow at winter--is that normal? Of course I could happily go without snow. We have not had as much as normal, but the cold temperatures have been worse than normal, so I feel lucky to at least have had it a little drier than expected. The exhibit was great--and I will walk through it again. The little octopus vase is lovely--smallish and quite beautiful--well, as much as an octopus squirting ink can be. It was my favorite little piece--so amazing to think how old it is, how long it has lasted (and will surely outlast me) and how far it has traveled!


If it has been bad here, I know it has been worse farther north!! I hate it when you can't see out a window. Right now we are having 'normal' freezing temperatures. You can tell everyone is getting a little stir crazy as I see students in shorts and no coats (crazy!) coming into and out of the gym building. Wishful thinking? Yes, good books, and preferably set somewhere tropical, do go a long way to helping! And spring is not too far off so it will get better, right? The sad thing is that by mid-summer it will be so hot and humid I will be thinking longingly of these cold days. Well, maybe not THIS cold! ;)


It does certainly throw a whole new light on things when you actually recognize the myths that are represented in the art! I had to go back and read what I had written about Theseus--and now I would like to get back into myth-reading again. Matisse sounds wonderdul--so colorful and I think a lot of his art has 'warm settings', too. I don't mind staying in sometimes and it was a nice excuse to laze a bit and just read, but I do look forward to getting out again and walking!


This has indeed been a weird winter. I wish (oh how I wish) I could send some of our heat and sunshine your way. I love the sunshine, but our winter has been terribly warm, and that makes we worry that summer will be truly unbearable. Oh, well. Maybe we'll get lucky and have an unusually warm winter.

Last year I read a book on horsemanship by Xenophon, who lived in the 300s-400s B.C. and it was extremely readable--so perhaps your book will be, too. I imagine it must have something to do with the translation.

I do think you've made good use of your cold days--a nice museum exhibit and lots of yummy books. I hope you're enjoying some nice hot drinks, as well.


Oops! I meant, an unusually cool summer!!


I'm in the North on the French/German border, flatland, we rarely have snow. We have very hot summers and relatively mild winters. It's only in the mountains that we get a lot of snow. In the South we have palm trees, so the winters are very mild.


That sounds SO nice--I really must travel there someday! I really miss Europe--you've been here so you know how vastly different it is--so much history and the architecture is very different. So do you speak German only there or is it a variation of the two language combined? And sorry to be so nosy--have you lived there for a very long time? I would love to be somewhere with palm trees (for here, it would have to be So. California, but it is far too expensive to live there), or maybe somewhere in Oregon or maybe even Seattle (though I wonder if the rain would get on my nerves in the end). Can you tell I am a little fed up with my surroundings? :)

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