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Sorry to hear about all of the typepad issues! I had some issues with my blog earlier this year and it was a nightmare. And, yep, Texas is already quite warm so be sure to pack your sandals :)

Can't wait to hear which books you'll take with you on your trip!


I've not had any troubles reading or commenting until it came to commenting earlier today. How frustrating for you especially since there isn't anything you can do and you just have to wait for Typepad to get things working again.Reading and traveling are two things that go great together. Since I hate being sardined onto planes, a good book helps me escape elsewhere for the several hours I am hurtling through the sky.90 in TX? Gulp. At least there will be good air conditioning!


What a hassle--I know it's not the fault of Typepad but it seems like the problem has been persisting which has really thrown me off! I have been watching the weather for Fort Worth--I was surprised to see 90F already, but then a day or two later it was back to 80F. It's a little toasty for me, but I think it is only hot and not humid? So maybe it will feel really nice. I have a little pile of books started as travel possibilities--I keep swapping them out and will probably decide the morning I am leaving! I just need to be practical and not pack more books than clothes! :)


I'm glad you have not been having trouble. I mostly have been able to get in and prepare posts for the following day--but then I think I'll respond to comments in the morning before I start work and that seems to be when it is down--so needless to say I am very behind in my comments! It'll get sorted out but I always feel a little out of wack when my schedule is thrown off! :) I think I will at least try and stick with taking books already in progress. I spent my gym time with Pere Goriot as I really do need to get going on it--I have been trying to at least read 2-3 pages every day, but at that rate it will take me *forever* to finish. I might take him with me, am not sure though. You are sort of a captive audience in an airport and if the book isn't really engaging I am easily distracted. I think I am going to take stitching along, too, and hopefully will not have problems with bringing a really small pair of embroidery scissors and needles on the plane! It's pretty warm in TX right now---not sure I am ready for it. I will have to bring layers as I am afraid that while it is hot outside the hotel will be icy cold with air conditioning. And here I have flannel sheets still on my bed!


I couldn't comment yesterday. I hope everything is back to normal now. I hate the idea of someone hacking into our blogs. Especially since I haven't anything saved! I write online and that's it. I should start saving but meanwhile I have 1000 of posts (on the three blogs together).
We still have the nicest warm-hot weather. I think this was one of the best springs ever. We've done a few nice day trips and museums. And tons of reading. Currently I'm reviewing 1 out of 3 books.
I don't use the kindle very often but I love it for travelling. I mostly end up with the wrong books anyway.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I think six months on a ship, but without the internet, is what I need to get my reading back on track. Then I remember that I get horribly sea-sick... Maybe not! Perhaps an island? Anyway... I've just been reading Patricia Wentworth's 'Miss Silver' books (most of are re-reads) -- sometimes there's just too much going on and reading familiarly really helps settle the mind. I'm slightly worried I've read so many now that I will start quoting Tennyson and knitting. ;-)


Whoever was messing with Typepad really messed things up quite badly for a lot of people. Apparently it went on for days and days. I think not all the blogs are even up yet, but mine is all pretty basic, so other than general interruptions in service and problems with comments I have not noticed any other problems--it seems to have gone back online okay. That's a lot of posts--and I know I don't have any of mine backed up anywhere either! I just hope Typepad has it all on their servers.... We have finally had some pleasant spring weather--even fairly warm the last couple of days, but then next week will be cool again and rainy. It is so changeable here, but then we really do need the rain. I love museums and am hoping to visit at least two when I am in Fort Worth next week. I will take my work ipad, which has a few books loaded, but I know I will still take a couple in progress books--only I can't quite seem to decide which ones... I'll see what I am in the mood for on the day I leave--as you say I often pick the wrong ones, too, and then can't concentrate on them in the airport.


Oh yes, a desert island--but one with nice breezes, not with tropical humid heat! I could go in for that myself. I wonder if I will ever get caught up on my poor reading piles--so many in progress books, and I really am trying to focus. I finally logged into Feedly and was scrolling through all those many posts (I am so very behind...) and kept spotting books I have either started, checked out from the library or have on my own TBR piles and longingly wish I could start. How do other readers do it? Or maybe it just seems like a lot since I looked at how many blogs posts?? I have only read one Miss Silver mystery and liked it a lot--she's wonderful. I agree with that familiarity thing and books--it is very comforting and sometimes all I can manage to concentrate on. I started a Martha Grimes--Emma Graham novel this week (a reread)--I like her 'voice' so much. Have you read any of those books?

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