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I can't tell you how this post thrills me, as I received a copy of this to review but haven't done so yet. I wasn't even very inspired to read it until I read your glowing thoughts. Now I'll have something for vacation in June!


I hope you enjoy the story, too. It's perfect for vacation--undemanding and entertaining. I am looking forward to her newest which I am hoping to start reading in the next day or two (or maybe even tonight...). :)


I loved this book -- it's on our provincial "Evergreen Award" shortlist for people to read this summer -- I hope people do! And I just finished Silence for the Dead...spooky one...


I really like her books--so glad I 'discovered' her. I will have to look up the Evergreen Award--am always on the look out for possible (new) good reads! And, yay, so glad to hear you enjoyed her latest--I can't wait to start and think it will be going to work with me tomorrow! :)

Margaret @ BooksPlease

This is the second time this morning that I've read about An Inquiry Into Love and Death,nudging me even more towards getting a copy - historical mystery set in post WW1 and a ghost story too.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I added her first one to my wishlist and now there's a second -- argh! people are writing too fast for me!

Margaret Powling

While I didn't get on with (nor finish) the Maddy Claire novel, I loved this second one and am now looking forward to reading the third!

For a fun-read crime novel (if that isn't a contradiction in terms!) Danielle, try Judith Flanders' Writers' Block. It's a cracking, pacey read. Not particularly intriguing, but a good read. (Judith, as you will know, is better known for her excellent books on social history, such as The Victorian Home. This is her first novel.)


Sounds like a fun read. And how convenient that you finished it just in time for the third one! After that though you will have a bit of a wait until the next but I am sure you will find plenty to read in the meantime :)


Since I love both Mary Stewart and Susanna Kearsley, I'm delighted to have another author who writes in the same vein. I'll definitely be looking for her books at the library. Thanks for sharing! And if you happen to finish before your trip, I'm sure you'll be able to scrounge up something else to read.


What more can you ask for, right? The setting is post-WWI (in all three of her books, I believe), so it is just in the background really. I like the ghostly spin on the stories--just atmosphere really, but another reader said the third is a little more chilling than the others. I can't wait to start it! I have those little nudges quite often, too!


But wait, the third was just released! Yes, it's both good and bad--nice to know there are books to look forward to, but so many to keep up with as well. I am not usually so on top of things--If I can read this third one before the library due date I will be impressed with myself indeed!


Too bad about Maddy Clare--I liked it, but this one just a bit better, I think. I am looking forward to the third--it sounds especially creepy. You're dangerous Margaret--I nearly always go directly to the Book Depository and order your suggestions! I need to read faster to keep up with them. I have The Silversmith's Wife just waiting for me. It's always nice when another reader's tastes overlap--lots of good suggestions. I will have to check out Judith's books on Victorian England as well--I saw them in the list of her books. Have you read any of them?


I think it was the fact that the third was coming out soon that prompted me to pick up this one--I have been 'meaning to read' it for ages and just needed an excuse to add it to the reading pile (not that I ever really need an excuse but you know it always makes me feel just a little better--than my usual haphazard starting of endless books). I thin I might have a book or two to fill in while I am waiting. I did go to her website and look--and she is working on the next book now--due out in spring 2015. Doesn't that sound so very far away? But you know how time flies.


Yes, add her to your list--I think you will like her. I tend to take a Mary Stewart with me on vacations and have been contemplating taking one to Texas, but then I look at my current reading pile and think I *should really* focus more on those in progress books . . . so, we'll see.

Margaret Powling

I loved The Silversmith's Wife and yes, I've read (and have on the shelf) Judith Flanders' The Victorian Home and can recommend that. I'm almost at the end of her first novel, Writers' Block, and I recommend it but with reservations. It's a very convoluted tale and I'd have like more characterization, especially from the heroine's latest squeeze, the policeman 'on the case'. But whodunnits aren't always big on characterization! It is a fun read, if you just read and enjoy it and don't worry too much about the plot!


Hi Margaret--Maybe I will grab the Silversmith's Wife tonight and give it a nice long peruse--I should really not start anymore new books until I finish something else, but looking is okay! I will check out The Victoria Home, too! Good to know about Writers' Block--maybe one to wait until it comes out in paper? I have a backlog of books I want/need to read....I don't mind if a book has weaknesses as long as the story/characters move me along. Sometimes all an author wants to do is entertain and that is totally cool with me.

Margaret Powling

Sadly, although I wanted to like Writers' Block, and did to a certain extent, I found the plot incomprehensible, or maybe I'm just dim-witted!


This sounds wonderful. You already had me at "lots and lost of atmosphere". I was tempted by the Haunting of Maddy Clare as well but this sounds even better.


Am reading the newest Simone St. James and am finding the story very engaging--the heroine is a little prickly, but I sort of like her--mysterious and very different than Simone's other stories.


Pity about that one--but you have saved me a little time and money. I think I have plenty of other really good books to choose from. I will look for this one later if my library gets it--and give it a try. I think you are not in the least dim-witted--sometimes stories just don't work!


I've liked all of Simone St. James's books and now I am reading the third--it's equally good--maybe even better than the first two. Even though the style of the books are similar--romantic suspense (though I wouldn't necessarily call these romances), the stories are really very different--as are the characters. This heroine in the third book is a little rough around the edges and has some terrible secret she's hiding--anyway, it's perfect for me right now as I am under pressure at work so this takes me away from it all.

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