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Shamefully I have not picked up my stitching in months. Knitting and felting appear to have taken over.

I do love these designs, though don't own any. But I have plenty of charts from others that I could choose from. Perhaps when I have finished knitting my mums shawl, I will take back up the needle. In the meantime I will stitch vicariously through your posts.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

So beautiful - it even looks restful! I love your sewing posts.


What will you do with the samplers when they are finished? That's been my problem - I was into tapestry in a big way a few years ago but I could never get the hang of making the pieces into anything useful. I have four cushions that I finished three years ago but still haven't made them up ...

John Edwards

What a coincidence. I have just taken down my bag of embroidery and am settling my chair and table in just the right position to be able to pick it up when I have a minute or two.


That's great! It looks like you are having lots of fun!


I haven't been stitching in months and months and months sadly and I have really missed it! The only downside is that I have to decide whether to stitch or read. I tend to stitch a little later in the evening, though, when I know I won't be able to stay awake long enough to get much reading done. I wish I could knit, but just as well I don't--I probably don't need another hobby, though I would really like to learn to felt. I was looking at some kits at Michaels today as a matter of fact and may indulge in one of them at some point when I have a coupon to use towards one!


Thank you! It really is very relaxing to stitch (unless of course I notice a mistake that I have to pick out--okay as long as it wasn't rows and rows and rows ago!). I think it is just the sort of mindless task that I need at the moment and the beauty is that when you are finished you have something to show for your time and effort.


I will frame this sampler--I have a few in my living room and a few in my computer room on my wall. They are nice to display. I also finish smaller items like pincushions and needlecases and little pillows that I have in a wicker basket that sits on a shelf. Sometimes I turn smaller projects into fobs that I attach to my scissors so they don't get "lost" when I am using them and set them down. I like the idea of cushions--they would be beautiful I am sure if you did the finishing on them. I have never tried needlepoint but I think I would enjoy it as well.


Serendipity! What project are you working on? I think I just needed to find the right thing to focus my attention on. I had gotten into a rut with a few projects--just got tired of pulling them out and so never felt inspired to work on them. This is something I always feel eager to grab now--a good sign. I might have to revamp my stitching blog now that I will have something new to show!


Yes! And I am very much in need of fun and something good that is distracting. This seems to be just the thing. I can pull out a good movie and stitch and it makes for a nice way to spend an hour or two (if I am lucky--otherwise just add a few rows here and there when I can). I have a few other projects in mind now, too!


I'm convinced - timing is everything. I'm reading such an amazing book right now, still it's a bit of a chore, just because it's not the type I wanted to read - but I promised the editor a review.
I admire your patience and how carefully you execute your projects.

Margaret Stedman

Hi Danielle, I am pleased to hear you are stitching again. It was your blog that lured me into the world of blogging and which expanded the stitching blogs to include book blogs. Thank you so much. All the best for good progress on this lovely project.


Good to see you have taken up your stitching again, knowing how relaxing it can be. The seasons are beautiful.


I think so, too--in more aspects of life than just reading, too! Which book are you reading? I am always so tempted by review copies but then I have my own books I want to read too and it can be hard making myself pick up something that all of a sudden turns into an 'obligation read'--if you know what I mean. I only ever take review copies of books that sounds really interesting, but then I have to fit it in with my other reading plans. Stitching is a wonderful mindless task that is very relaxing and in the end you have something nice to show for your work. I've gotten much more proficient with my stitching and finishing over the years and now am really eager to work on something like this with my hands. It's now a matter, though, of juggling reading and stitching. The nice thing is I can stitch at the end of the night when I usually can't manage to read as I can't seem to focus well and usually end up falling asleep on the book--whereas I can stitch for a half hour or so at bedtime and make a little progress on my work.


Hi Margaret--So nice to hear from you. I was thinking of you actually as I was writing this post as I know you like stitching, too. What are you working on right now? I have made progress this weekend on this project and think I will share more later this week! And I am always happy to know I have inspired someone to read more or spend time with stitching or reading about stitching--it's this conversation about shared interests that I love so much!


I really need this right now. I think I just got a little bogged down on what I was working on before and needed a fresh project to get me motivated again. I love those seasonal samplers and hope to start Spring tonight--I bought my missing floss colors this weekend so I am ready to go now! I think they will be very pretty all stitched up.


Love the bees! Your enthusiasm is wonderful. It is making me think I might need to get out that second sock I still need to make!


Isn't this a wonderful sampler? Bee motifs are my very favorite. I have two samplers right above my computer that have bee/garden themes/motifs plus one little wool design framed. I should share a photo of my little stitching wall sometime. And yes, you need to finish your sock! You can take your time now that spring is tentatively here--but then you'll have it for next winter (oh, what a thought!).

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