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I love The Handmaid's Tale too and I was so surprised at MA's sense of humour the first time I heard her speak; she is wickedly funny and gets very serious points across so well. Glad you got to see her!!


oh how wonderful! I am so envious of your signed books :)
So glad you got to meet her


Oh, how wonderful. She sounds amazing. I've liked very much the couple of books I've read by her, and I have The Blind Assassin but haven't read it yet! I look forward to it. I'm glad you had such a lovely time this weekend--you've had it kind of tough this winter. I hope this was good for the soul!

Jen K

I would have picked the same two to have signed!


She really is funny--and it's the sort of dry humor that I love. It's funny as she was introduced by our Mayor and our library's have gone through lots of possible (and in some cases actual) budget cuts and MA made some very pointed remarks on the subject, but she did it in such a way that you know she means business yet the comments were couched in just such a way that you can laugh at them, too. She's quite remarkable I think! I still remember vividly the first time I read The Handmaid's Tale--it was my favorite book for a long time. She is one of the few authors who I can say I have read several of her books multiple times (and would do so again). I am happy it worked out for me to see her, too!


I really did luck out and consider myself lucky indeed! I am happy I had my books signed on Saturday as on Sunday there were so many people there and she was on such a tight schedule that they were limiting what people could ask her to sign. We were all given numbers, too, to ensure the line was organized and moved efficiently.


It was such a nice change of pace. I am not the most social of people so ordinarily I would pass on going to an event like the one on Saturday night, but I would never pass up an opportunity to hear an author speak--and certainly never pass up on hearing Margaret Atwood! It was very good for the soul. All the better as on Saturday it was 84F and on Sunday the temps plummeted--it rained all day, very cold and damp and then SNOWED last night. I looked out the window and it was like a December snowstorm. So bizarre. I am going to reread The Blind Assassin I think, but I might have to read the MaddAddam trilogy first.


Hey--we're on the same reading-wavelength! :) It was almost hard to choose, but these are the two books of hers that have stuck with me longest!


Oh you are so lucky! I am glad you had such a wonderful time. Isn't it great when you can not only like the books of your favorite writer but the write herself too? Atwood is such a gem!


I remember your excitement when learning that Margaret Atwood would come to town, and now I'm so happy for you, you did have not one but two lovely meetings with her.


She is really wonderful. A lady at the university at I were talking today--she had also been at the fundraiser and she commented on how lengthy her talk was and the answers to questions--she was particularly good about answering the questions from students. All in all a very impressive woman. I do indeed feel very lucky. It was a really nice (though especially quick) weekend!


See how quickly time flies--it felt so far way initially and now it has come and gone! But both events were real treats--I am so glad I was able to attend both functions. And now I have a couple of wonderful books to reread that she signed! :)


I've been lucky enough to see her in person, too, and she is wonderful - so funny! Glad you had such a memorable weekend, Danielle.


Lucky you. This sounds like such a treat.
I think she must be very clever, witty and many other things.
I really want to read her again soon as well.

Erin @ Omaha Public Library

It was a treat for US to host such a prolific writer!

Danielle, as always, fantastic post well documented with photographs. We enjoy reading your blog not just for bits regarding Omaha Public Library (uh-um), but all things literary that you share/report.

Margaret is a gem, isn't she? It's a shame she couldn't visit every weekend. ;) Thanks for attending both events; glad to read you enjoyed yourself.


I am filled with excitement for you, Danielle, over your twice blessed experience. How fortunate to see and here Margaret Atwood in two very different venues. I would have chosen The Handmaid's Tale as well (it was introduction to Margaret Atwood). Thank you for sharing this with us. Penny


It's a real treat to be able to meet/hear authors in person and I try and take advantage of it any time I can. I was so impressed (though not surprised really) by Margaret Atwood. She gave such an excellent talk at the fundraiser and she has a wonderful sense of humor. I'd say this is the highlight of my 'social life' so far this year! :) I think she travels a lot--how cool you have heard her too!


She really is very articulate--I guess I expected that, but so very funny, too, which was a little unexpected. I am indeed very lucky to have been able to hear her speak! I am looking forward to reading/rereading her this year--maybe there needs to be a Margaret Atwood reading week/month! :)


Hi Erin--OPL did a really wonderful job with this--I was thrilled to hear she was coming--not sure how you managed to swing it, but so glad you did (and hope there might be more literary events in the future). Everything was so nicely planned and presented. I had never been the to Abrahams branch before--it's a lovely library. Thanks for the kind words--so glad you are able to stop by on occasion (and always many thanks for the Tweets!). Margaret Atwood is wonderful--so cool to see her in person--now it will be interesting to go back to her books and read/reread in light of the things she has talked about.


It's a good thing this coming weekend is a holiday weekend and I will be spending it with my family as otherwise it will feel quite a letdown in comparison! I am very fortunate to have been able to hear her speak both days--both very good and very different. Oh to have literary events to go to like this every month! :) I have a feeling The Handmaid's Tale is for many readers their introduction to Margaret Atwood--truly a classic now. I was thrilled to go and am always happy to share my experiences! :) As always, thanks for the kind words, Penny!


Don't tempt me! :)


I if there isn't already so much to read and think about reading and read along with others.... :)


How exciting Danielle! I would love to meet her one day. Some of her books are on my all time favorites list. Still haven't read her trilogy but I do look forward to that one day!


That is so cool be able to meet Margaret Atwood. Your copy of The Blind Assassin looks so cool. I once tried reading it but couldn't get beyond 10 pages. Hope to give Ms. Atwood's works a try again this year.

Emily @ Omaha Public Library

Would you be comfortable with OPL using a quote from your blog in its recap of Atwood's visit for our next newsletter? It's nice to include a comment from someone who enjoyed the event! :)


Hi Emily--feel free! I had a really lovely time and am happy o share my experiences with others.

Emily @ Omaha Public Library

Hooray! Thank you! :)


You're most welcome! I hope you have another author visit in the works.... ? :)


I have yet to read the trilogy either, but I have the books and will get to them sooner or later. She is one of the few authors whose books I have read multiple times and would happily read them yet again!


I feel very fortunate indeed. I really lucked out to see her not just once but two times. I think I must have read The Blind Assassin at just the right time and it clicked for me. I want to read it again. I hope to read something by her this year, too. It had been my plan to read her before her visit, but time (as it often does with reading) just got away from me.

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