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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

What a wonderful first package - really imaginative and so much fun. What a delight!


What a fun first package! I love the flash drive, very clever!


What fun to get books in the mail regularly! I've been looking around at various book subscriptions but haven't heard of Soho Crime yet. Sounds fun!


Isn't it a great idea--too much fun to open and discover what was inside. And I am enjoying that first mystery, too!


Isn't it clever, though? I think, however, I'll just use it at home! I was wondering what on earth it was--I kept thinking it must be a lighter until I pulled the little lid off.


I'm not sure when they started their subscriptions, but I love the ones I have been receiving (the NYRBs and Melville novellas)--it's such a terrific way to discover new authors and a number of the books have ended up being favorites, too. The Soho Crime should be fun!


That is fabulous! Of course now I want to subscribe too :)

I've read a few Soho Crime books and have not been disappointed. I also have a couple of their teen imprint books but just haven't gotten around to checking them out. Will look forward to hearing how it goes with your subscription but I bet a lot of great books will be coming your way!


I think it is going to be a good subscription--how can you not love being introduced to new crime stories/writers? And I like the look of the YA titles, too. I am in the middle of another YA mystery and will pick up this new one next. I have looked many times at the Soho Crime website--so was thrilled to see this subscription-must be a new trend--could be really dangerous! :)


What a find. That drive is so neat.
I had a look but I culdn't really subscribe from Switzerland or it would be much more expensive.


It's always the postage that is the deal breaker--I have looked at the subscription Persephone Books offers, but I can't afford it--the books are not terribly cheap to begin with, but the cost of mailing is too exorbitant. I do think it will be a fun subscription, but if something sounds good--it is likely to be published in the UK and you can get it cheaper a bit later. Isn't that a totally clever idea for the flash drive!

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