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I saw Letham's Q&A about his story and was going to read it but my library now only has digital New Yorkers and they are a couple weeks behind. So I will have to remember in the next week or so to check again. I made many trips to Sea World when I was a kid and everyone would make jokes about not ordering sea food off the lunch menu.


I had never read JL before so this was an interesting experience--I love reading those Q&As--they always offer some little tidbit or insight or show something of the author's personality. I wish now I had been better at reading the short stories from the very first when I began my subscription--it was all very hit or miss. Ha--love the Sea World joke. And funnily enough I had tuna on pita bread for my lunch today! ;) I can send you the story from my magazine if you like--I will just recycle it in any case--let me know--I can send it on to you instead!


Thanks! I'd love that since the most recent issue I can currently access is March 24th. No rush though!


It's yours! I only recycle the issues anyway. It might be a little beat up but still readable. Let me find an envelope and I will drop it in the mail next time I am at the PO!


Erdrich's Love Medicine is very good. It's actually a series of short stories that form a novel. Quite bleak but truly well written. I've got a few others of her books but still need to read them, She's very unique. One of those writers one couldn't imitate, even if one tried.


I have picked up several of Louise Erdrich's books this year on a number of occasions--I really must read her. I can't remember now if I own a copy of Love Medicine or not--I think so. I know I have Beet Queen sitting on top of one of my reading piles. I sort of like interlinked stories like that--didn't realize that is what Love Medicine was. Another author I should have read by now, but haven't!

Denise Rogers

I picked up The Unrest Cure by Saki because of your suggestion (well, the illustrations by Edward Gorey were also a lure...). :)

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