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This sounds good. I read her book Trespass a number of years ago and liked it very much but haven't read anything else by her. Maybe I might give this one a go sometime.


This was a really interesting read--I enjoyed it. She's a very good writer, which always makes me wonder why I waited so long to read one of her books! It would make a good RIP read!


I really don't need more books on my tbr shelf but I know I would love this one. I like the multiple threads, or tacks, the ghostliness, the historical foundation, the ships at much to like, and the writing sounds like it is up to the task as well.

Great review of what sounds like a terrific book.

John Edwards

That sounds like a must for me.


I've read a good non-fiction book about the Mary Celeste, but never a good fiction book. This one sounds like a definite must-read. It's such a great mystery, isn't it? The Ghost Ship. Who can resist? Thanks for the review!

Denise Rogers

I'm glad to know you liked it; I liked it a lot, too, and was looking forward to your review. Much of the stuff about Doyle is true. I believe you would like Mary Reilly as well. Don't watch the movie, though. It pales to the novel.


Sounds excellent. On the list it goes.

I just finished reading Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden, and I enjoyed all the jumping around it did--from point of view to time frame, and the way each little piece made up the whole. This sounds similar.


I was at the library yesterday and saw this one and thought of you! I know you enjoy seafaring stories and look you've already read it! I've read Valerie Martin before, Property, I believe. I didn't grab the book but maybe next time. You've got me intrigued now!


Same with me---all the elements I love reading about--anything seafaring (and lots of the story is set on ships), ghost stories, and interesting female characters, plus there is the whole spiritualist thing going on which is always fascinating to read about. Thanks for the kind words--it really is a great read!


She's a wonderful writer--I am going to pick up some of her other books now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


I have always been aware of the Mary Celeste, but I didn't know anything about what happened to it--very interesting. It makes you wonder what really happened--she doesn't not really give many answers, but lots of intriguing theories to think about and then ultimately lets the reader decide. I really liked it.


Mary Reilly is a book I own--somewhere. I will have to dig around for it--or if all else fails I can borrow it from the library. I will happily skip the movie. I almost always prefer the book over movie adaptations and am normally quite hesitant to watch a movie of a book I enjoyed. ACD sounds like an interesting person, too--I had no idea he started out as a doctor, though it makes sense considering Sherlock Holmes and Watson!


Yes, there are a number of threads in this story and they are all quite well developed. She does tie things together but also still leaves lots up to the imagination. And I really must read Kate Morton's book--I have two of her novels sitting here unread...


Yes, anything set on the ocean is something I will look at! :) If you like ghost stories and historical fiction, this is a good read! I have always meant to read Valerie Martin--finally have gotten to her!


I can see why that was a discovery. It's sounds great. Maybe not creepy like the MacMahon but well done and eerie too.
I really would love to read this. It sounds like she's put a lot into it but managed well.
I know I've heard of the Mary Celeste but I'm not sure what it was.


I don't mind ghost stories like this one--more atmosphere than chills and thrills--maybe this is even better as it is more believable. I also like the story thread about the spiritualist. It was well done and I like it when an author doesn't make it all neat and tidy and leaves something of the story open for the reader's imagination. I know not all readers like unanswered questions, but this time it worked for me.

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