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Once again you've reminded me to take a look at my list again too, although I don't think I have made much progress.
On a different note altogether, Mary Stewart passed away at the beautiful age of 97. She will be missed.


I have not made hardly any progress either, so you will have company! I am so sad to hear Mary Stewart has passed away. She certainly did live a long life and I hope it was filled with many good things--she has given me much pleasure in reading her books--she will indeed be missed. I may have to pick up one this week in honor of her....thanks for passing on the news to me!


I think you're making good progress so don't get too bogged down in numbers. I don't take on challenges like this because I've decided to just read where my fancy takes me. Not that I still don't feel pressured by the weight of my tbr shelves (as I've just blogged) but I try to take a deep breath & not get too stressed. Easier said than done, I know!


I know--that is always my problem--getting bogged down in the minutiae of things! I try and avoid challenges more or less--I get excited by the prospect of reading more books of a certain sort, but then in the end I tend to choose books on whim. As you say--just thinking of all those books I own and knowing I want to read them all is a little overwhelming. It's all meant to be a pleasure, but I am always so greedy.... I am devouring books right now in that I am starting them all and then taking forever to finish them! It will all work out in the end I tell myself! :)

John Edwards

"Maybe I should relax my (own self-imposed) rules a little?" That sounds a good idea to me. I think doing book challenges is a bit like blogging. It is a pleasure and yet at the back of the mind is the pressure to read or do a post. Still, I guess it is one of those pressures that are worth having.
I always thought Tarka the Otter was non-fiction as well. I've just been looking at his Wiki entry - I hadn't realised just how prolific a writer he was. Makes me want to add half a dozen of his books to me To Be Read list.
So glad work is beginning to calm down a bit and that you are more able to switch off when at home.


I'm not good with projects these days. the moment I annouce something or write about something on the blog it's jinxed.
I think you didn't do too badly.


I think you are doing really well considering you aren't specifically choosing books for their publication date. So don't be hard on yourself :)


I admit I have no rules at all regarding the century of books--I count both non-fiction and fiction, and I record multiple titles published the same year. I'm not consciously trying to fill out the decades yet, but I already see some significant gaps (the early 1900s especially). I expect it may take me quite a few years to complete the list.

I hope you continue to enjoy your random reading and don't get too bogged down by any challenge. (I think you have enough good sense to do that :) )


I like challenges in that I can usually expand my reading horizons and then there is the camaraderie of reading similar books alongside others with the same interests, but I go off on so many tangents with my reading--I start out strong and then get distracted! I don't mind so much if I don't finish a challenge, but if I loosened up on them I might do better.... I didn't catch on to the fact that Tarka is a novel until I read the description of my book--no matter in any case, but somehow it gives it a different feel, don't you think? I had better not go looking for more of his books.... ;) I am *finally* caught up on my book orders. We had a cut off date for orders in April! I am only now finishing up sending the last of them. It is a huge relief to have the books ordered and the costs encumbered to give a clearer picture of where we are with the budget! Of course my ordering blitz means now all that stuff is going to come in at once.... I will be taking some vacation days off, too, since I am almost maxed out and if I don't use vacation days I will stop accruing them--essentially lose them...can't have that happen!


I know what you mean--If I either don't make any set plans or don't talk about them I would probably do much better. The moment I write about what I want to do I put pressure on myself and then decide I want to read something entirely different--there is some weird psychology going on here I think! :) As long as I add a book now and again, it's all good, really.


They are fitting into the slots nicely really considering how little I plan. Only looking back on my last post and how I was trying to pick a book or two especially and then pretty much ignored them in the end--it made me chuckle and shake my head at myself! :)


I have no idea why I have these little rules--and I think I am going to start breaking them very soon actually. It is interesting to see how not picking books specifically works out--seeing which decades fill up first. I thought for sure the earlier years would get filled first but it seems to be the reverse. And it really is all in fun--I'm not worried about my choices but I wouldn't mind reading a bit more varied rather than all 20th/21st century stuff. I think it is going to take me a good long while to fill all those years, too!


Well that looks like a very impressive list to me! :) I think you're doing just fine.


I'm a slave driver, aren't I? Just with myself, though. Relax is not often a part of my vocabulary sadly.


I am not moving along either! I seem to read either books that are published before 1900 or after 2000. But you might comfort yourself with the fact that you're doing much better than I am?


That decade beginning with 1900 seems to be a hard one for me--when I thought that was a period I read so much about! I seem to be reading a lot of post-1950 fiction lately and what classics I am reading is 19th century! Oh well, I was just doing this randomly rather than trying to fill in gaps--maybe now that I am thinking about it a bit more consciously I will be able to fill on a few more slots. I think you are very busy these days and so have a good excuse for not reading/adding to your list as much as you would like! :)

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