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Can't wait to give this one a try. I'm not much for listening to books on tape, though. I'm happier holding the book in my own hands. :) (That way I can always skip ahead to see what's going to happen next.)


I just enjoyed Juliet Stevenson's reading of Virginia Woolf's "A Room of one's own"
A good reader adds to enjoyment a Bad causes the off button to be depressed ..but it is very subjective. I prefer accents to match the book and generally prefer a Straight read to 'voices' that don't match the character for some reason. Gosh I sound picky...I probably am. But a good book well read is a real pleasure and a great treat :0)


That's funny, I just posted my review of this book today, too. I thought it was pretty excellent. I didn't expect it to be as much of a character study as it turned out to be, and I liked that it had that *and* enough suspense to keep the pages turning.


How fun that you found a good audiobook! I think they definitely count as books you read so add them to your sidebar! I only really like listening to audiobooks on road trips and since I haven't taken any of those in quite a long time I haven't listened to any books either.


I am a very picky audio book listener, so I can perfectly understand your hesitation. If there is a book I really want to read I might listen to it on audio *after* I read it, but otherwise I always choose to read a paper book. If I am sort of interested in a story but unlikely to read it any time soon, then I might listen to it on audio. Sounds weird, but it actually works.


I am very picky, too, and I don't think your preferences sound in the very least unreasonable. I also like the accent to match--but a real accent please and not someone just trying to sound British or Australian or whatever.... I like a good reader who can differentiate voices based on gender and class but that can be hard to pull off too. I have not thought of trying Virginia Woolf on audio--I think that might be a good approach to her work--listen AND read--thanks for the idea. And I will look for Juliet Stevenson, too!


I will check it out this weekend! :) Serendipity! I was pleasantly surprised as well. I thought it would be a fluffy sort of listen which is why I picked it. But it was completely absorbing and well written, too. The author actually gives you lots to think about and not just a straight crime story. Definitely a page turner!


Yup--I decided to add it! I tend to listen to audio books more in the spring and summer (in winter it is just way too cold to try and mess around with ear phones). They can be quite enjoyable when I am walking outside (my walk to the bus stop is about 20 minutes and walking to downtown for my library visits about half an hour)--so I can get in some decent listening time if I am not too lazy to pull out my MP3 player and get it ready for listening.


I found the Virginia Woolf at the library it was downloadable easy to access and free! I love the way they allow you to listen to a sample before borrowing an audio makes a difference doesn't it :0)


I have an Audible subscription (though before I used the library a lot for audio books on my MP3 player). Yes, I could not do audio books (at least not pay for them) without being able to listen to a sample first. It takes lots and lots of browsing and sampling before I find something I think I will like. I need to listen to more classics--it's actually helpful to read and then listen (or vice versa). I keep thinking I will listen to The Iliad and then read the story....eventually anyway.


Now I really wish I'd picked up a copy of this book when I saw it in the supermarket. I considered doing so many times but then hesitated because I hadn't read a review! Anyway, I will definitely pick it up now - I do like the sound of it.

Anne Simonot

I thought this book was excellent too. Read it on the strength of someone's blog review (can't remember whose). I reject a lot of audiobooks too. It has to be just the right book, at the right time. One I did enjoy was Reconstructing Amelia, by Kimberley McCreight. The narrator nails the teenage girl tone, and it's an engaging, if also sad, story.


I will have to pick this one up. maybe even on audio! (gulp) I loved your description of being a finicky listener, so much that it got me thinking about my own criteria for listening to books instead of reading them.... and that inspired my latest blog post. So, thank you!!


This does sound good but I'm really not much of an audio book person. I wonder which genre works best. I think crime.


I do the same thing--sometimes a book sounds good, but....good enough to buy untested? I think you would be safe with this one. I really thought it well done--the reader was excellent but I am sure I would have enjoyed reading a paper copy, too!


Hi Anne, thanks for the suggestion--I will give it a listen--I always check out lots of samples on Audible before choosing. Did you listen to this one or read it? I had actually checked this one out from the library initially but then didn't get it read before it had to go back to the library. I am so glad I decided to give the audio a try. It has been the best audio experience I have had in a long time!


Hi Byrd--will have to go and check it out now--you have me intrigued. I like the idea of audio books but if the reader doesn't have just the right voice it will ruin the experience and I can't imagine spending ten or even more hours listening to it! A good reader, though....this one was excellent. If you can--I think you don't even need to belong to Audible--give the sample a try and see if you like it. I thought she nailed the voices!


I can't listen to books that have too much detail, so an intricate mystery would probably be out--I might listen to a book I have already read, though. In this case, it was more crime/suspense which worked out perfectly. Even if you don't think the audio is for you, you should check out the book--the story is really well done, and the book won an award, too.


I read this on your recommendation and loved it--- thank you so much!! Started off on audio but needed it to go faster so I switched to the book.


So glad you liked it, too! I think it would make for a great read--I tend to waver on audio books. I start to listen and then will often set it aside, but I have to say I was riveted to this one! I think she has at least one other book out--I was looking on the UK Amazon site--may have to look into her other books now!


I just read her latest (A Killer Next Door) and loved it too! She somehow managed to make it the same style and same sort of book as The Wicked Girls, yet completley unique.


Ooh, must add it to my wishlist now and will go look it up. I am guessing it is only in hardcover at the moment? I love it when an author can pull off another book as well as the first (though she might have a number of books published?) and still make it fresh and new! Thanks for the heads up! :)

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