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Margaret Powling

Hope you are now over the nasty bug, Danielle - being away from home, worse still, travelling, with a bug is really awful.
Love those museums! The buildings themselves are works of art. Some modern buildings are just plain ugly, but these look minimalist-smart and just the right places for the art.
Looking forward to hearing about the books you are sure to have found on your travels!


Sorry to hear about the bug. Hope you'll recover soon.
the pictures are very far from what I expected Forth Worth to look like. I must have some Western pictures stuck in my head. :)
It seems you had a good time and those museums have wonderful collections. Quite a leafy area where you were taking your pictures.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Urgh, travelling when not feeling great is awful. I hope you're feeling perkier now. You managed to squeeze in so much - remind me to contact you if I need to plan an invasion of somewhere. ;-) Art galleries are one of my favourite things to do in other cities - one can pick up a good sense of place there.

Joan Kyler

I didn't expect Fort Worth to look like that either or to have such great museums and street art. Thanks for sharing.

I hope you're feeling better. Being sick away from home or while travelling is the worst. Be well!


So sorry that you were sick on the way home. Miserable indeed. I sure hope you are much better now. We travel through Fort Worth 2 or 3 times each year on our way to Abilene. Now you've got me wanting to stop and see something of the city!


I'm glad you had a nice time. Sorry you picked up a bug. I hope you are feeling better!


I'm sorry you were sick on your trip--few things are more miserable than being sick on an airplane--I speak from experience, unfortunately. It looks like you made excellent use of your free time, though, and I look forward to hearing more, and seeing what books you brought back.


Sorry to read you picked up a stomach bug on what seems to have been an interesting and at times nice break. Hopefully you will be feeling well really soon.


I remember that mural when I visited Ft Worth for the JASNA AGM a few years ago. I loved walking around that downtown area, by the river, and the street art was really great. I love Cowboy/Pioneer history and if the focus of my visit hadn't been Austen, I would have explored more.

Sorry to hear about having to travel under the weather. I remember a 4-hour flight a few years ago that I had to take and it was awful. My sympathies!


One day I would like to go back to Texas!


I am feeling much better, thanks, Margaret. It always takes a few days to recuperate from something like this--at least food is beginning to sound a little appetizing (dry toast is about all I can manage)--but it really does drain you. Those museums were really amazing--and I agree about the architecture--they were all very pleasing. I like simple, but sometimes minimalist is indeed very unattractive. I can't believe I actually lugged all those books home in my backpack while feeling ill--am I greedy or what? ;)


Of all the things! I am feeling better but couldn't quite believe I was feeling ill--I am very lucky and don't often get more than a very minor cold, so this really threw me for a loop. I was expecting something quite different of Texas, too, to be honest. And maybe other parts of Texas are much different. Actually the geography of Fort Worth didn't seem all that different than here in Nebraska (though maybe I shouldn't say that??). We have similar natural surroundings here. It was very green and even the architecture didn't feel all that different to me. So, now I can say I have been to Texas!


I should be a travel agent or something, shouldn't I? I truly am good at packing in all I can when visiting somewhere new. I have to say I even managed to take the city bus there! That's me being an intrepid traveler! ;) And I cannot remember another time when I was ill like that traveling--it really does put you off. I was thinking I would never travel again after how miserable I was--but now that I am feeling better I guess I won't be quite so closed to the possibility of going somewhere new...just not for a little while anyway. It's times like that that a train with a sleeper car would have come in handy.


Neither did I! I was expecting something quite different. I wonder what Dallas was like and perhaps that would have been something very unexpected. I love the downtown in Fort Worth, though, it was very pleasing. I am feeling better now--thank goodness. Not quite 100% but at least not nauseous anymore. I just want to get back to my routine and caught up with things! Thanks for the kind words.


Yes, it is miserable. I am feeling much better thankfully. If you have a chance to stop in Fort Worth, I really do recommend it--the museums are all within walking distance and it is so worth the time to spend a day there exploring them if you can. I would happily go back if I could just to see the Kimball and Amon Carter museums--and both were free! The Modern was only $5 and also very excellent.


It was an experience I certainly won't forget anytime soon! Your postcard was waiting for me when I got home--always nice to have mail waiting. And I am on the mend now--now just lots of catching up to do.


So you know exactly how awful that was! I thought that last plane ride--and only an hour long--would never end. Couldn't even stomach the thought of reading--now that is bad! I did get to see the things I wanted to--at least I didn't get sick until the end (if there is an upside to it all...).


I had been doing so well--and then Friday night I wasn't feeling quite right and knew on Saturday that I had caught something nasty. At least I am now on the mend. At least I did get to see those lovely museums when I was feeling myself! :)


Isn't it a lovely downtown? I was happily surprised that it was so walkable and inviting--and I never felt unsafe there, either. How cool you were there for JASNA (now that sounds like a fun conference!!). I didn't get to the stockyards, but lots of the stores had a cowboy slant to them-and I agree it is indeed very interesting. At least both my flights were relatively short. I didn't think I could even manage the last hour ride between Denver and Omaha--four hours sounds interminable!! I am on the mend now, though, thanks!


Where did you go in Texas? I have heard San Antonio is really nice--would love to go there someday!

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