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I think I am going to have to add some of these to my list. At least, I'm going to be watching your reviews and see if any really catch my eye. My boyfriend is Dutch, so I feel I should start absorbing more of the culture. I do believe Amsterdam is his favorite city!


After reading a little about Amsterdam (and I hope to read much more) I think I can see why he would call the city his favorite! I would love to travel there someday. And I hope to write about my reading each week so maybe you'll find a book or two that will pique your curiosity!


What a brilliant list. I thought An Island in Time looked like my kind of thing so I shall keep an eye out. I shall be following your progress with a great deal of interest. Have fun!


Good idea! Dutch literature is very interesting. Unfortunately many excellent works haven't been translated to English yet. I read and enjoyed recently F.Springer's Kandy and Maarten 't Hart's Het Woeden der Gehele Wereld (The Fury of the Whole World). Both definitely excellent reads. In the "classic" section, you might also add Multatuli's Max Havelaar.

In case you are interested, I published a short review of the Springer novel here:


I must admit that for me a Dutch novel must be written by a Dutch writer but I can see the appeal of the setting as well.
I've read almost all of the Dutch crime writers you mention. And Margriet de Moor. Not that one though, I've read a couple of other books.


I'm so excited with the way your project is progressing, and I'm glad you've also included works by non-Dutch authors that are set in the Netherlands. I am saving all of your hard work to my "Books" files. Thanks so much for sharing everything about this project!

I've wanted to read The Storm for such a long time. This may be the year to finally do it. I'm a huge fan of "storm literature."



I have read the intro to the Mak book you mention and it really is interesting. I am waiting for my copy of his book about Amsterdam to arrive as I think I will start with that one, however. I should look for some proper travel narratives set in The Netherlands so will dig around a bit now. You get such an interesting view of a culture that way. The Mak books are especially good since he is Dutch, but sometimes an outsider's perspective is good, too!


Thanks so much for the link--I took a quick look already but will go back later to read your post properly and check out your other Dutch books as I see you have tags which are always most helpful. Unfortunately the books (save the one by Multatuli's) don't seem to have been translated into English yet. This is always a problem--so little gets translated. The Three Percent blog has a nice spreadsheet of foreign works to be translated. I went through all their lists but only a small handful each year are translated from Dutch and published here (and I always look in the UK, too, since they seem to get books first there). It's a little disheartening, though. I will look for Max Havelaar, though, so thanks for the suggestion. I only have the Couperus books so far for classics--surely there must be more out there for me to read!


I can totally see how it is preferable to read works written by Dutch authors and hope to still find more regular contemporary fiction as well as classics. Unsurprisingly I have been able to find quite a few mysteries and crime novels. Which de Moor have you read and did you like her? I hope to get to the Storm, but I am waiting for a book by Hella Haasse to read next. The de Moor is a used hardcover and with Eline Vere being such a big book--a hardcover will be too much to carry around with me. The thing with English speaking writers using a Dutch setting--they tend to be more descriptive and detail-oriented--going for verisimilitude I imagine, which I sort of like since I am trying to visualize place. I was thinking some publisher like Europa or Peirene would have lots of Dutch books, but I have to do a lot of searching to find titles.


Hi Judith--I am excited, too. It is going really well, actually. I tend to be enthusiastic about reading project but quickly move on to something new and so far I am not finding that to be the case at all with my reading. I just want to keep going and usually read most of my "Dutch books" a little each day. I am still reading a few other things, but it seem to be mostly these books, so expect to hear lots more--and I hope I don't bore people with all my ramblings. The Storm does look really good and I look forward to it!


Thanks for the list. I am stealing it :)


Feel free! And if you come across anything that sounds good, you know I am always open to suggestions.

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