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Super post! Thanks to you both.


Thanks Cornflower and thanks to Cath for such a lovely post! Perfect to start my reading project off with!


Interesting blog post. I enjoyed every word. Thank you


I'm so glad you enjoyed Cath's writing--I thought it quite lovely, too!


Thank you first of all Danielle, for having me here. And I feel very grateful to Cornflower and CynthiaBlue44 for taking the time to comment. It made me really happy.


Lovely post, Cath. I really shoud read Mary Stewart one of these days.


Wonderful. Now I want to read The Moon Spinners again; one of my favourite books. Thank you.


You are most welcome Cath (and I mean that literally--most welcome to post again as you can and on whatever topic you feel like writing about!). I really enjoyed this and I am sure everyone else who stopped by (but perhaps didn't leave a comment) did as well!


You should definitely give Mary Stewart a go--as you are going to Greece, you might try one her books set there! I always hope that Cath might eventually blog, too. Maybe someday!


Indeed! I think Moon-Spinners is going to have to be my next Mary Stewart novel to read!


Hoi Cath, leuk om dit stukje te lezen en dat je ook zo van Engelse boeken houdt,en: ik kom ook uit Den Bosch!

For English readers: I'm telling Cath in Dutch that she is from my hometown and that she has written a very nice blogpost.


It's a small world, isn't it Suzanne? Thank you so much for your comment.


As blogpostwriting is so new to me I value your comment very much
Caroline, thank you.


This is an unexpected result of my blogpost Cathy but what a nice one, thank you.


Brilliant idea Danielle! And a great first ever blog post Cath! I like that beautiful line very much, so poetic with so many questions in it. And he was probably just testing his pen? I just make a squiggly line to get the ink in my pen going. Clearly I need to step up my game.


Isn't this fun. I guess I have planted at least one seed...this little project which seems to be coming along nicely. And isn't it cool that we know someone who can offer advice, information and guidance. Cath was very kind in writing such a lovely and thoughtful post for me.


Thank you Stefanie, I secretly was hoping you would find me here.

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