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Thanks for a wonderful post, Danielle.
I have one of her fairy tale collections but I'm not sure which one. I don't remember an intro. It sounds very interesting.
I would probabaly read it chronologically but why not read it out of order. Mayn of her novels qualify as fairy tales and often nothing magical happens, no fairies.
I'll add this post to the Mr Linky.


Oh this sounds so good! And you are right, the book itself looks lovely too. Looking forward to hearing about which tales you read!


Fascinating stuff! And I am so jealous - I've seen that gorgeous book around and coveted it, but do not (yet) have a copy in my possession. Hmmm, perhaps I should do something about that??


Fascinating stuff! And I am so jealous - I've seen this book around and coveted it but do not have a copy in my possession. Hmm, perhaps I should do something about that!

Mel u

Wonderful post. I have read a number of Irish fairy tales over the last few years. Among the best are by Sheridan Le Fanu


My second half will be on Sunday--not having internet last weekend threw me off, I'm afraid. If you come across this essay in your reading--she's such a great writer and explains things so well. It alone makes for fascinating reading. I tend to like reading in a nice, neat, orderly manner, but I have been dipping into this one at will! There are so many to choose from, it's hard to decide which to read first... Her stories are quite dark, aren't they? Which I suppose is very much the realm of fairy tales--but I think she is never really very traditional--which is one of the things I like about her.


The book is really lovely--it even has a ribbon attached to keep your place. They designed the book well--it is definitely the sort that you can easily dip into and set aside for a few days.


You would appreciate this, I think--not only because Angela Carter is wonderful, but the book is so very nicely designed. She writes some interesting things about stories and storytelling and I know you have written about the topics, too, so you'll like this! :)


Aren't fairy tales great? I like learning about this sort of story-telling. I have only read a story or two by Le Fanu and didn't realize he also wrote fairy tales--must check that out--thanks!


I didn't know about this collection. I read The Bloody Chamber - this would have been the perfect follow-on read.
I'm also curious to reread Bruno Bettleheim's Uses of Enchantment again to explore the whole psychology of fairy tales.


I read The Bloody Chamber a few years back, too, and thought it an excellent read. She is always good, isn't she? This is a gorgeous book--design alone. It even has a nice red ribbon to keep my place! :) I have never read about fairy tales, but I am sort of keen to do so now that I have dipped into the collection--to learn more about what is behind them. I will look for that Bettelheim book--thanks for mentioning it!

Delia (Postcards from Asia)

I'm a great fan of fairy tales and this sounds good. I think I prefer Carter's short stories over her novels. The Bloody Chamber was great.

Yasmine Rose

I bought this book about six years ago because it was by Angela Carter and had such a beautiful cover, though I am embarrassed to say it has been sitting on my shelf untouched. I am glad I came across your post, it has given me more of a sense of what this collection is about and I can't wait to read it! Thank you!


I have yet to try any of her novels. I was hoping to last week but the time slipped away from me unfortunately. Thanks, however, for organizing the reading week--not that I need any sort of nudge to read her, but I am happy to have any good excuse to pick up yet another book to read or dip into!


I do that all the time! I hate to admit how often I pick up a book from my piles that I know I bought *years* ago! But each book has its day--besides you have to wait for just the right timing. I will say, though, if you go and grab you copy now and start reading, I think you won't regret it! :)

Roxanna Bikadoroff

Wonderful piece, I am also a big fan.
So glad you like the cover and would be even happier if you'd credit the artwork !

Thanks muchly, Roxanna


Isn't she marvelous? She had such amazing talent. Such a pity she passed away so young. I will have to look for my copy and see if the artist is listed in the inside jacket! It is a beautiful design and matches the work so well.

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