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I read many fairy tales as a young girl and I remember East of the Sun and West of the Moon well. Love to hear about some of the others.


I need to read this fairy tale. It sounds lovely. I've seen it mentioned so many times and there are a few famous retellings who play with an alternative ending.
Wouldn't it be great if she'd written about each one of these tales.
The week has gone by much too quickly. Thanks for the links and for participating, Danielle.


I read some fairy tales (the stories you would expect--Hansel and Gretel, etc) but I don't recall ever actually reading this one. I have heard that phrase thought--east of the sun and west of the moon.... now I know the story behind it. It's a great fairy tale. I plan on continuing to read from this collection and will happily share the tales when I have a few more to write about! :)


I would love it if there was more on the themes and the meanings behind them all--I bet she had lots of great insight into them. I didn't think about this collection of hers being only as an editor and not the writer--I was so excited to finally start reading it. I think you would like this book and the story! And thanks for adding my links to Mr Linky--I appreciate it!


So this has all sorts of tales in it ones I have never even heard of before. How fun is that? I think I might have to get myself a copy of this book sometime.


Yes, this should be a book in every readers library--at least if you like folk and fairy tales. It has so much to like about it--not least that Angela Carter is so amazing and wrote the intro. Anyway, it is a gorgeous book and well worth the price.

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