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I think Mark Twain very much wrote with tongue in cheek, that being his writing style and from what I've read about his personal life it was his personal style.
I always remember his quote, "The report of my death has been exaggerated."
I like his short stories better than his novels, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn was just ok for me, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court a bit better.


Fifty Great American Short Stories has some interesting entries. I agree with Janet--I think Twain often wrote tongue firmly in cheek. I'd like to read more of his work.

Trivial note on The Outcasts of Poker Flats--when I was in high school, my drama class performed it as a play. I was The Duchess. Keep that in mind as you read...:)

Thanks for the link to the New Yorker ss--I'll check it out.


He seems like he was such a quirky fellow--I am curious about him and wouldn't mind reading something about him--I know there was a multivolume biographical set that came out not long ago. Maybe I'll take a peek at it. I am more drawn to his shorter works, too. I read Tom Sawyer a number of years ago but never Huck Finn or any other novels. I do like his short stories and novellas. I have never been drawn to his work (should I not admit that?), though almost always I end up liking whatever book by him I pick up.


Yes, it is really a nice little collection actually. I am glad I came across it. I only wish there were more women authors represented in the collection. I am sure I'll come across more of his stories as I go. I am a little curious about what he was like--I don't really know much about him to be honest. Now you have me intrigued about the Harte story--I may start reading sooner than the upcoming weekend... The Duchess, eh? :) I shall indeed keep that character in mind as I read! I am happy that the New Yorker often shares whole stories online--do check it out--it is not a long story either.


I've read Mark Twain's fantasy novel which was fun too. I read it a long time ago in German, so I don't know the English title. Other that that I haven' read anything.


An interesting Twain story. It is hard to know when he is being straight and when he is trying to one over on you, but then that's all part of the fun too.


I wonder if it is A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court? I have only read Tom Sawyer and a few short stories and novellas. I feel like I *should* read more, but I can never seem to motivate myself to pick up his books (unless they happen along in a story collection or as one of my subscription books...).


I guess it is all open to the reader's interpretation. I sometimes wish I could get inside an author's mind, but then again, maybe they haven't so carefully plotted things out as I think they have?

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