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I read this ones years ago in school, I think in California reading Bret Harte is obligatory. And my husband attended Bret Harte Jr. High, so you're right, lots of schools named for him.
I only vaguely remember the story.


I had to read the Outcasts of Poker Flat in school and I remember liking it...maybe because it was better than any of the other short stories we had to read that semester. Haven't read Bret Harte since. But I've always remembered that story!


The one Bret Harte story I know is "How Santa Claus Came to Simpson's Bar," because I have it in several Christmas short story anthologies. As for Meloy, I love her two young adult novels, THE APOTHECARY and THE APPRENTICES.


I thought I had read the Harte story before until I read your synopsis. I must have it confused with something else. I hope my memory isn't that bad!


Like others, I read this in high school, enjoyed it greatly then - but, also had an amazing American Lit teacher who really brought the story alive. You've done it, Danielle. You've convinced me to read The Outcasts of Poker Flats again.


I am not surprised. When I was looking at the wikipedia entry and saw the list of schools with his name I was quite impressed! :) I have always heard the name (likely in association with the story) but never quite knew what he had written. Although I liked the story I am not sure I am tempted to search out more of his work, however.


I can see where the story would stick with you--it is a great story for discussion and no doubt a reason why it is read in schools. I am happy to have read him-the same will be true for next week's Ambrose Bierce story as I think I read him in high school, too. So we'll see if anything comes back to me when I start reading!


I have never heard of that one. I suspect I'll come across his work again sometime in my short story reading. I was really impressed by the Meloy story and have checked out two of her books from the library (not sre when I will manage to squeeze them in....). I saw the two books you mention--will look them up as well. Some YA books are incredibly good and I bet hers are!


Well, apparently mine is. Either I read it and don't remember it or I have just read so many stories that they've all become hazy in my mind.


I love a good teacher who can make you excited about learning--reading especially! I am always happy to know I might have inspired someone else to pick up a short story--and you should easily be able to find this one online, too!


This doesn't sound that tempting. I do like Ambrose Bierce though.
I wonder which story it is but I can wait to find out. :)


I was happy enough to read it, but I am in no hurry to read more of his work. I think I should really read An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, which I think must be the story he is most known for. The story I read was good, though, and always interesting to compare how different authors treat the same subject matter.

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