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Oh I love ghost stories that leave in question whether what happens is real or not. Hopefully the Twin one next week will be funny and lighten the mood a bit!


Twain is often good for a laugh, isn't he? My first LOA story just arrived in my email inbox tonight, too, as a matter of fact. Short stories abound lately! And I love a good ghost story any time of the year (though I like to save them up for autumn).


The story sounds much better than its title. It's not an evocative tite for a ghost story, is it?
I've read quite a few novels by Ulitskaya. She's an author I love but I thought she's not been translated into English yet.


Not a very creative title, is it? I was not familiar with the author and the title didn't give much away at first so I was sort of dragging my feet with this one, but once I started reading it was actually pretty good. The ending was a little ho-hum, but still entertaining. Of course it is hard to beat the Horla--Maupassant improved on the story it seems, but maybe just a little ahead of its time. Ulitskaya actually has a number of books that have been translated into English--including a new one coming out later this year--I think she is perhaps not all that well known over here? (Or maybe I was just not familiar with her work). I wouldn't mind reading more of her work--maybe more of her short stories perhaps. I think, by the way, I am going to read short stories by Angela Carter rather than trying to read a novel--I should have started before now, but it is easy to squeeze in a few stories between now and next week!

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