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Well that is a significant TBR pile! And just one of them? You are my hero.

Thoroughly enjoyed your responses but it prompts me to make one of my "Hall of Shame" admissions. I've never read any of Elizabeth Taylor's books. Where should I start?


> Well that is a significant TBR pile!

You should see mine! A couple of the piles are nearly as tall as me. :-)


I'll take a letter, Danielle! I love your TBR piles are all on several bookshelves in the closet and they don't have as much visual impact. Of course, if they were all together, it might be quite a shock. This way I can fool myself that I don't have too many books...


Yay, I have a taker! :) Your letter (thanks to the random letter generator!) is "G"! And I am all for spreading out those TBR piles. I remember those shelves from the lost in the stacks post--I could use a closet or two for bookish purposes. The ones you see above are next to my bed. Handy, eh?! I'll watch for your list of "g" favorites!


I'll take a letter too please, Danielle. It will do me good to use my brain a bit more. Just hope it wont be a difficult one like Q or X!

Since my daughter, her partner and baby moved in I haven't a clue where half my books actually are as so much has been moved around to fit in their stuff and give them space of their own!

In some cases, even if I did know where the books were I might not be able to reach them without doing some serious box moving!

As there are still plenty of unread books to be going on with (still haven't managed to curb my library request addiction), I will probably stick with what I can reach - unless of course I get one of those moments when I simply HAVE to find a particular book!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I love The Third Man - so atmospheric.


I'll take a letter. Love Loreena McKinnett, play her The Highwayman all the time, and you're right, she always sounds exotic. My daughter saw her in concert one time and said it was spellbouding.


Hi Liz--You're in luck, the generator gave you "S"! Although even with "T" I had to think about it and look through my book lists--still always a fun exercise to think about books! How's it going having extra family about? Sometimes it's sort of nice, but you do have to think about things and plan a bit more than usual. There is someone staying with me this summer and just the logistics of how to work out a shower schedule is a little more work. I really really need to do something about organizing my books better. I think it would literally need a whole week off from work with advance planning, too. The problem is not really enough space. I have started doing a little weeding but it is almost painful sometimes to make myself put books in those boxes that will be given away. You really never know when you are going to want to read or reread a book. But the piles are getting to epic proportions. I can sort of find things--or at least I will know the general vicinity. The problem more often is shifting things about to get to something either on the bottom of a pile or behind a pile or in the back of the bookcase (most shelves are doubled up!). I have to stop buying books but I seem to forget that everytime I drop something into the virtual basket....


Hi Janet--wonderful! The generator has give you letter "B". I love that song, too. I think she must have used old stories and maybe myth and folklore for inspiration for some of her songs. They have such an ethereal quality to them! I would love to see/listen to her live. When I was looking for the youtube video I noticed she came out with a new album earlier this year so I think I might have to order it now. I don't listen to music as much as I used to but I like having it loaded on my MP3 player for when I am walking. I need something new I think... Looking forward to seeing what your favorites are!


While I feel guilty about them, you would probably have to pry them from my hands to make me do a really proper weeding. I need one of those professional organizer people to help me find a way to fit them all in a proper way to actually get to them. As you can see my eyes are always far bigger than my stomach. I know I shouldn't buy more, but.... Elizabeth Taylor is SO good--once you read one of her books you will want all of them! I read Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont first--one of her best novels, I think. Or you could go for At Mrs Lippincotes. I loved Angel, too, though she is a really annoying character (purposely so)-the book pokes gentle fun at writers. Virago has published them all and NYRB has started issuing them, too, in their gorgeous editions. Virago also published a mammoth book of her collected stories that is well worth the price. You are in for a treat when you get around to reading her! :)


It is nice having such a lovely pile of books so close at hand.... Though I have growing piles in my room with my computer (a tiny room that seems even tinier with so many books in it these days). You will have to email a photo of your piles someday--I always love seeing other peoples books! ;)


That was fun, you definitely have a thing for threes ;) And yay for Loreena McKennitt, I like here too. Ok Vanna, er Danielle, I'll take a letter please.


Oh, you have an interesting one...your random letter is "H"! If only I made the same money Vanna does, I could happily give out letters all day long! You're right--I didn't catch that--good things come in threes, though, don't they?


I love Loreena McKennitt. I own everything she has recorded and have even written a story in which she's important. Her earlier work is more celtic but the later CDs are inspired by other cultures. That's why I love to own her CDs. The booklets are wonderful. Full of photos and sometimes with small stories and info.
I really enjoy this meme.


They don't make movies like that anymore! It is truly pitch perfect. Someday I must really get around to reading the book, too!


I have quite a few of her CDs but I don't think I own them all. She is someone I could easily buy an album without hearing the songs first. Her music is just really lovely and ethereally. She's quite special I think. I love the music that has been inspired by other cultures--you can definitely hear/feel a different influence but she makes it her own, too! I don't listen to a lot of music and rarely buy anything new, but she is someone I always return to.


Hi, Danielle - it's been such a while since I have taken part in any sort of meme, but this one sounds awesome. And since I am on vacation for a week, starting....... now..... [yayyyy!] I will definitely have the time to do it. So yes, please send me a letter.
And what a great choice in your music selection, even if you cheated. I LOVE Loreena McKennitt and have quite a few of her CD's. I find it is the perfect driving music, so most of them are in my car!

Liz F

'S' is a nice one thank you!
Favourite book was a tough choice as I could have gone for The Silver Chair by C S Lewis - one of the Narnia series that I read and re-read as a child but I have gone for The Squire by Enid Bagnold (just reprinted by Persephone although my copy is Virago) It is about a woman waiting for the birth of her fourth child and I read it during the long hot summer when I was awaiting the birth of my third (who was late!)Not that my life was anything like her more leisured existance, but it certainly brings back memories.

Favourite writer was easy : Mary Stewart! I have been reading her books for 40 years now (started in my early teens)and I still love them!

Favourite song: Summer Breeze by the Isley Brothers - first heard in the 70's and it still brings back sitting in the garden in the summer holidays, although it was lilac that I could smell not jasmine.
Film is a bit more difficult - I'm not a huge film watcher but I have recently seen Summer in February which is set in Cornwall about a love triangle involving the painter Alfred Munnings. He has always been one of my favourite artists because of the wonderful paintings of horses that he was known for, and I was rather disappointed to discover (if the film is anything to go by) that he actually wasn't a particularly nice person. It's a very pretty film though and features Dan whatsit from Downton.

Favourite object beginning with an S would have to be my collection of seashells. I have some from every beach I have walked on in my adult life and still love collecting them!

Sharing a home with my daughter, her partner and baby Iris is going okay although there does seem to be stuff all over the place and as I mentioned, I have piles of homeless books (would help if I didn't keep acquiring them of course ...) just in the right places to be fallen over!
All the niggles are outweighed by getting to watch Iris change each day though - she is an adorable little person and it is good to be able to be of help to my daughter when they have sleepless times!


I have a day off to look forward to on Monday making a very pleasant four day weekend coming up. Yay, most definitely. I hope you get to go somewhere nice or at least have books in mind to take you away for a while! The random letter generator has come up with "F" for your letter! I am looking forward to your favorites! And Loreena McKennitt is wonderful--there is a nice rhythm to them, isn't there--good walking music, too. :)


Oh, excellent. I'll have to get on this -- maybe tonight. The letter "F"..... hmmmm...


I'm always so interested to see people's book shelves and stacks. I can't enlarge your TBR photo, but is that a Murder And Mayhem book I see on the front stack? Which one is it? Aren't they just the best? And what a great name for a publisher of mysteries.


Thanks for playing along!


I think the book that caught your eye is Margery Allingham's Mystery Mile--I love those Felony and Mayhem books, too. I have quite a few of them--they are nicely designed, aren't they? And I love looking at other reader's piles of books, too. I meant to keep the photo largish so it could be enlarged, but I guess I got a little 'crop-happy'!


These memes are great fun--I had to look up the song and yes, I know it--is playing on youtube right now as I type. Of course reading the answers are totally dangerous as now I want to go down to my stack of Viragos and see if I can get to my copy of the Squire without toppling them all over--they sit on the top of a bookcase and I always take my life in my hands (slight exaggeration there!) when I try and nudge one out without getting on a chair and moving them properly! :) Do you know I have never read any of the Narnia books--always mean to and I think I am even at a point in life where I might even read some of his books for adults! I want to see Summer in February, but I want to read the book first, which now that you mention it--sits on my library book pile (though it is from the library where I work so I can get away with having it checked out for longer than normal...). I live in an extended family situation myself (of sorts--since they are family of my ex-husband...) and it has its upsides and its downsides. There is almost always someone around when I think it would be nice to have the house to myself, but then, there is also a pair or two of extra hands to help with yardwork...and it helps having that extra money for bills.... So I can relate! Now I think I AM going to go look for that book--NOT that I should even think of starting to read a new book, but I can at least set it by my bed! Thanks for playing along! :)


I guess I'm late to the game, but I want to play too!


The beauty of memes is you are never too late to play along! :) How does letter "S" sound? It's fun to see what people come up with--I look forward to your faves!


I enjoyed doing it - made me stretch my brain and memory a little more than usual. Some of them - the music and writer - were very easy. The book required a bit of decision as there were a few candidates that fitted the bill as was the case with the object but I really had to think about the film.
Funnily enough I also have a copy of the book of it in my library pile which I will probably still read (or start anyway)
The Squire is a lovely read - very langorous and suitable for hot summer days and do read C S Lewis if you get a chance. I grew up on the Narnia books and read all of them many times over as did a lot of readers who grew up in the 60's and 70's, I suspect.
They are lovely books and I know that my daughters loved them too. Neither son was much of a reader if left to themselves although James, the younger one, does read now - probably because his girlfriend is a reader and has set up one evening a week when they sit down with a book rather than put the TV on!
I have some of Lewis's adult books too which belonged to my late dad who was very insterested in theology and philosophy. I keep meaning to read them but the right moment hasn't arrived yet - keep thinking I'm not QUITE grown-up enough yet but at 55 and grand mother of 4, I'm not sure who I am kidding!
PS Nearly took-out my big tabby Merlin with a collapsing pile of books once! Fortunately I realised he was in the stack's path and managed to deflect it in the nick of time so nothing hit him but the near miss left him a bit ruffled and offended enough to go under the bed and not come out until it was time for his dinner!


Hmm, let'sssssssssssss see.


:) Thanks for playing along!


I definitely don't feel grown up. I often wondered how I became the age I's a cliche but so true--wherever did the time go?? I had a hard time thinking of a song as I don't listen to music much these days. I will definitely read the Narnia books at some point and I have even looked at some of his books for older readers, but I have not yet given any a go. I did manage to pull out my copy of The Squire but I have been trying to finish a few books which have long been languishing on my reading piles, so I will keep going with them as I hate to stop the momentum! And, oh, I do miss having a cat. I will have another one again eventually but I am trying to save money and pets do not always come cheaply! I still have some of Chispa and Dulce's toys about--still can't make myself put away or get rid of quite everything!

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