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Oh Cath you really should start a blog of your own! This was wonderful and I look forward to hearing about your letter project more as you progress.


I have read her fascinating diaries and highly recommend them.
Such a mind and such a life so sadly short.
A really interesting post!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Your remark about courage is spot on: I feel like that about books which I can tell will haunt me.

John Edwards

I haven't read Etty Hillesum. Like you I suspect that some courage is needed to pick the book up. But having said that, the similar books I have read have been so inspiring. Viktor Frankl, in particular, comes to mind.


I've got her diaries and have read a page here and there but was always afraid they would make me sad. I didn't know that she started to write it because of Spier.
Another really interesting post.


A fascinating post (and I love the illustration too - it says so much!) Thank you Cath.


Another interesting post and new discovery. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you Stefanie, truth is I'm even more impressed now by all of you who manage to write every day.


Elizabeth, Etty Hillesum was in her thinking so much ahead of her times so often. Take f.i. her thoughts about the position of women, she already posed questions Simone de Beauvoir wrote about in The Second Sex in 1949. Thank you for your kind words.


John for me reading Etty Hillesum's diaries worked best when I read them really slowly, that's why I decided a few years ago to read them like I want to reread the letters now: according to her writing dates in over more than two years.


Thank you so much Caroline. There are parts in her diaries that can make you sad, and of course there is always our knowing what happened to her that overshadows our reading but she has such a positive outlook on life. I really hope you will be able to read the diaries one day.


Thank you Freda for visiting my guestpost,I so much appreciate that.
I really wanted to do Etty Hillesum justice in writing this post, and I felt the illustration did express
very well how much her writing means to me.


It is wonderful Kathy that Danielle offered me the space here to write a post about Etty Hillesum. I'm so grateful for that.


I really want to read her diaries and have a copy on hand and will do so eventually but I think I need to be in the right frame of mind. Knowing how things turn out is both good and bad--I can prepare myself but that won't make the reading any easier!


Thanks so much Cath--I really love the posts you have written--I knew they would be wonderful and it has made my reading project so much richer and special. I have been so pleased with my reading this summer--it may be slow going in some cases but I have really been enjoying it--and still another month to go! :)

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