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Congratulations on the little bit of nice weather! It's pouring rain here and my windows are all fogged up...

I have both Maine and the Blueberry Bakeshop on my TBR list--I look forward to reading about them if you share here.

I do hope you share a few photos of your new reading nook. Your plans sound delightful. I've just completed a bit of a freshening in our bedroom and our guest room that I'm pleased with. My next project is our closet, which is large and filled with books as well as clothes and extra linens. I need to take before and after pictures. These little projects are great energizers, aren't they?


This illustration has such a happy feel.
Maine makes me think May Sarton but you probably will have thought that yourself. I love indoor improvement projects - and the way they snowball into chaos and then gradually into something to be very pleased with.


Hasn't the weather been glorious? My corn and tomatoes would like it warmer but Bookman and I have both been so happy and comfortable. Best summer weather in years! I'd love to see before and after photos but then I'm nosy that way :)


The cover alone has me sold on The Irristible Blueberry . . . looks like a yummy read.

Enjoy The Banks of Plum Creek.


Good weather really does make a difference! Long may it last. That sounds like a wonderful collection of books you have on the go. I love stories about places like Maine. I don't know that I dare send you this but it kind of made me laugh, so....

There are some amazing cataloguers out there! And yay for bedroom redesign - that's a little something to lift the spirits, for sure. Oh and ps, I gave you an award on my blog today. :-)


My favourite Maine books are John Connolly's Charlie Parker books. Supernatural crime so not at all for everyone (very creepy) but the writing is superb and if I had to name a favourite author it would be him. He's won awards for the best non-American writer (he's Irish) writing books set in the US... something like that anyway. He made me want to visit Maine, I'll say that. It sounds fabulous.


We've had the same weather here and I love it.
It's getting a bit hotter now again but it's still nice.
I love mugs as well. I have a huge collection.
Btw - I just received two packages from the book people as my boyfriend was home in the UK but when ordering we notcied that since two weeks they now deliver to other countries.
I've got a set of 10 Mary Stewart books and a set of literary fiction for 15£ - all 20 books together. :)


It's SO nice, I feel completely spoiled and it will be quite a shock when the heat and humidity return--which it is forecast to be this weekend! Still, I won't complain--a whole weeklong stretch is almost unheard of in July. Why do books set in Maine seem like summer stories? I have the Blueberry book sitting next to me to read before bedtime. And I will likely take a few photos--I think the change is going to be pretty big and I am curious to see how it will all fit together as I have an idea in mind and am not sure how it will all work out. I have a daybed and rocking chair coming on Monday and then there will be lots of shifting about. It has been far too long since I have done any updating at all so it is long overdue!


I do have that Sarton journal on hand. I was all set to start reading it at the beginning of the summer but you know how other books will distract you? The bluberry book is wonderful! (both the story and cover illustration). I think there is indeed going to be a little chaos for a few days. I am hoping to declutter along the way--but will it all just end up being shifted about? I am only mentally thinking things through and have done only a little measuring--it is sort of drastic change but hopefully one I will like in the end.


Yes! Why oh why can't it stay this way all summer? I have been able to even keep my windows open at night and sleep under a light blanket. SO nice! I am going to take a few photos--only don't be too shocked--my house is very shabby chic--though more of the shabby and less of the chic! :)


Yes, yummy on a number of different levels. It is pure and utter escapism. I am only about 20 pages or so from finishing Plum Creek...what an exciting story (also hard to put down). Lots and lots of changes in the Wilder's lives. I love these books and will pick up the next one right away!


Wow--where did you find that blog?!! How perfect--I have only just taken a peek and will go back with a pencil and paper in hand. That's an impressive list--who would have thought that there would be so many books set there? You know you are one of my good book resources, don't you? I have a lot of work ahead of me when it comes to my bedroom--I am even going to refinish a couple of little tables--hopefully to give them a 'distressed' look...we'll see if I can actually manage it. And thank you for the award and the kind words--I popped over to look and it is very kind of you (and will reply properly in the next day or so!). :)


Now you know I actually have the first John Connolly book and when I read your comment I though, oh, I know which bin that is in, and now I am going to look for it--but I have stopped myself (aside from knowing I have to shift a bunch of books from the top of the bins to open them...) as I have to stop starting new books without finishing something else first. But I have mentally noted it and can't wait to look for my copy. I didn't realize he is not American and had forgotten the Maine setting. Perfect choice!


I wish the weather would stay like this, but I can't complain as this is really a treat and almost unheard of for July! I keep buying mugs, too. Some are for coffee and some for tea. Some are morning mugs and some for night. I can't help myself! Isn't it great to get book mail?! Litlove had mentioned to me about the Book People now shipping overseas. We don't get free shipping over here, but if the books are sufficiently discounted it works out that I can still afford to pay postage and not pay more than I would normally in a bookstore here. I bought a set of three by Rumer Godden, three by Jonathan Coe and three by Fay Weldon. Very bad of me and now I really do need to try and be good. Easier said than done of course. The Mary Stewart's are tempting, but I own too many of them already to splurge on the new editions. You are in for a treat when you get to her books!


I'm looking forward to discover her. Not sure which one I'll try first.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Good luck with your redecorating -- a fresh look is so uplifting, I think. I sometimes daydream about living in a nice, empty-ish, calming, white box sort of room, but really, where would I put the books?! ;-)

Thomas at My Porch

Spending the first 21 years of my life in Minnesota, I can't believe I still haven't read any LEW. But I could tell you the plot to every episode of the TV show. When I was a kid we camped in not far from Walnut Grove and went to all of the LEW related sites and saw the spot near Plum Creek where the family had their dugout.


I've liked all the books by her I have read--some more than others, but they are all pretty entertaining.


It will be nice when it is done, but I have to say I am now wondering what I have gotten myself into. I want more space but now as I begin shifting things about--I have bought a bookcase that needs to be put together (I have thrown in the towel for tonight and will have help with it tomorrow afternoon) I wonder if I am just going to have even more piles than I started out with. I am sure once books are back on their shelves or piled in their corner it will all be okay--but at the moment it is one ugly mess. I am taking a break before pulling out everything from beneath my bed and trying to decide what to do with it all--since I will no longer have a full size bed to hide bins and such..... I have before photos, but I am not sure I am brave enough to share them! :)


I used to watch the show when I was young, too. I loved it--it has been years and years since I saw it. I love the books--you should pick them up sometime--I am honestly glued to the story each time I crack a book open. I have finished On the Banks of Plum Creek--what a harrowing life to live on the Prairie at that time. After I finish I will make some sort of project to read more about the author--I would love to try and visit some of the historical places! So cool that you were there as a kid!

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