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This sounds so charming. I'd like to read it right away. I'm a vaery visual reader too and like ti when an author uses nice imagery.
The idea of the cello is so lovely.
The book's a real find, I'd say.


This does sound lovely. I like books that let you see the settings and characters--I don't mind passages of description if they're well done.

Hope you enjoy your long weekend, Danielle. I hope to get some reading done, though we will have my mother-in-law visiting. She likes to read, too, but I haven't seen her in a couple of months so we have a lot of talking to do to catch up. That's fun, too.


Really nice review Danielle, it is a lovely story, The cover of your copy is really different from ours but so nice too.


Oh, this sounds like a wonderful story! I think I'm going to have to read it :)

Buried In Print

I've always loved the cover of this novel, but even though that's a perfectly good reason to buy/read a book to my mind, I haven't gotten to it yet.


I think you'd like this book. For some reason (as if there is such a thing--but maybe there is...) it feels very European to me (I can't imagine an American writer writing this). I might look for some of his other books now--and I love novellas in general--they are always more than you expect them to be (short rarely means easy I think).


I really like descriptive writing and getting a sense of place and you certainly don't get that in every book. I think this is a big reason I love to read! I have had a nice weekend, though the last two days have been hot and humid--today is our hottest day so far this year--sticky hot which means I can't seem to gather much energy to do much at all! I hope you had a nice time with your family, too!


The covers are very different, aren't they? I really like the Dutch version--it seems a little lonely and sad, but it also very much conveys the feeling of the story--and that last scene in the book, too!


I really liked it--I think you might, too! Novellas are wonderful--I need to look for more of them to read in between longer books!


It most definitely is! I can't tell you how many books I have bought (or borrowed or just looked at) based on a really inviting cover! :)

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