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Fabulous review of the book - with enough compelling insights into the storyline to warrant a spot on THAT list. You know the one; the TBR, upon which I shall place Ruth and Gisela on top. Thanks you.


Oh, I must read this!

Margaret Powling

This, indeed, sounds wonderful. Yet another for my Wish List.


It does sound rather good. is this self-published? If so it sounds like a publisher should grab it.


That does sound like a book just right for you! And the author does indeed take lovely photos!


I didn't give too much away--not more than you will learn from the very start anyway! I understand just how that TBR pile works (I am constantly shuffling books about on my own pile!). I do think this book deserves a much bigger readership and hope some readers will be tempted to go in search of it as it is a well done story!


I know you like WWII era lit and I think you would like this one!


This is right up your alley, Margaret and I think she does a wonderful job in getting a very authentic feel with all the right details, too!


It was self published and I am very surprised it has not been snatched up by a publisher. It certainly deserves a much broader audience!


She is wonderfully creative--her blog is in my feed and I always love it when she posts new photos. And I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Was it the Luminaries that had those short descriptive sentences at the start of each chapter--she uses the same technique which I think is cool and gives a little teaser of what is to come.


I'm just so glad you enjoyed the book which is really a tribute to both my mothers whose lives were much more difficult than mine.
You have done a splendid job introducing it to your blog followers who obviously trust your (excellent!) taste in books.
Thank you!


Thanks for the kind words Elizabeth--and for the nice things you said in your post--they are really much appreciated. However did I get sidetracked to begin with?! I think this story, once you had details must have almost written itself? It's really a lovely and well done tribute to your family!

Simon T (Stuck-in-a-Book)

Sounds very up my street!


I think you would like it! It is indeed very Dove-ish! :)

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