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I know just what you mean about a story not quite settling in. I try hard to match my mood with my book (one reason I read more than one at a time) so it doesn't happen often. The Grand Central collection of stories sounds like fun.

It's hot and humid here, too, of course--maybe it's time for us to read a story set in the depths of a snowy winter?!


Too bad about the James story, and you were looking forward to it too! But at least you got to read another story that you really enjoyed. I hope you have cooled off a bit there! If not, come up north our high today is only 64 and tomorrow we might make it to 70! Crazy!


I think just reading systematically through this anthology is good, but also bad as what do you do when you come across a story either not to your taste or one you are just not in the mood for? Since these are short stories I try and press on, but I really needed something light and airy like the Grand Central collection. We are being spoiled this week--I can't believe how nice the weather is here. It was even cool enough this morning that I pulled out a light jacket for my morning walk to work. Of course by Sunday it is forecast to be in the 90s again with accompanying humidity. Ugh. I shouldn't complain really--since August is just around the corner and with the idea of school being in session again it is nice to think about fall! A snowy setting would not be amiss right now, however!


I think it was less HJ's fault and more my own. I just couldn't concentrate and you know you need to concentrate when it comes to his work! The last two days have been utterly gorgeous! We're going to have really nice weather (mid-70s) through Saturday, but by Sunday the heat will be back on. I can't complain--it's a nice stretch of really good weather for July!

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