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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I've only dipped into Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary, which is amusing in small doses but like a lot of satire, can be a bit wearing if consumed whole. I should explore his works further as he sounds like a fascinating figure.


Sometimes a little goes a long way, doesn't it?! He does sound like he led quite an interesting life--you got to wonder what happened to him in Mexico since he disappeared down there during the Revolution. I might read something else if it crosses my path--you never know when a story will crop up...

Buried In Print

I'm still in January with my TNY short story reading: you're doing just great!


He's such an odd one Bierce but always good, I think. I'll have to look up the movie.


I'm pretty sure I haven't read Bierce before. Sounds like some story! And how fun that it paired up with the ghost story in the New Yorker!


The thing is no one but me actually knows how far behind I feel in my reading (it hangs over my head, can you tell?). I just need to not mention it here and no one will every know the difference! :)


I'd be very curious to see the movie, too. This might even be a case where I like the movie better than the written story. He seems quite taciturn!


Should I be scared that everything sounds familiar sometimes--until I read it and realize it's not familiar at all? It was a nice pairing. I think I am ready for a Henry James story. I am enjoying the stories in this collection, but I might have to pick up something else for a little change of pace for a short break anyway. I think the stories are presented by the year they were written/published, so if I can just stick it out until the 20th century!

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