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I read this book last summer and really enjoyed it...especially how the two parallel story lines intersect. I hope you get to finish it this time. It's definitely worth it.


I totally know what you mean by being pulled in! I actually listened to the first 10 pages or so on audio (which the author herself narrates), and I was completely transfixed. Ruth Ozeki's voice is perfect for this story. I had to return it to the library, so I didn't get very far. But I fully intend on checking it out again because it's just that good, from start.


Ooh, this sounds really interesting! I'm going to look for it at my library.

When I was a regular gym goer, my cardio choices were always based on whether or not I could read while working out! Alas, most of my exercise I get from classes now, so no reading there. I do still read (or watch TV--sometimes both) when I use our elliptical machine at home.


I saw this many times and could never decide whether I'd like to read it. I'm looking forward to your review. I've heard a lot of good things.


Ohh, this sounds so good! You make me want to start reading it right now along with you. Instead, I will put it on my TBR list because my must read library books pile is already too tall.


When my time on the library wait list came up, I was knee deep with other books and had to release this to the next person in line. It is one of the books I wanted to read this year, though. Didn't it make the Booker long list? or maybe even the short-list? After reading your post, I think I might want to own a copy so I have it when the time comes.


I am so curious to see how Ruth and Nao 'meet up' and whether they do in real time--I love all the play on time, too. I am sure I will finish it--the timing was off before, in part because I was reading a library copy which kept having to go back.... Now I have my own copy and I read a bit each day and usually find I don't want to put the book down! :)


I would love to hear the author reading her book--maybe I'll go listen to a sample on Audible. I know what you mean by being good from the first page. I was going to skim the first part again rather than reread it, but when I started reading I didn't mind that I knew what was happening and have just kept going. From the very first page you are drawn in--Nao has such an engaging voice and I can totally hear her in my head!


Oh, do! It is really good and I think it is a book you will enjoy, too! Isn't it funny how you match a book up with an activity? It's not just the story but the physical book and whether it can be held or propped easily. There are days I am dragging and think I might just walk straight to the bus stop and skip the gym, but then I always think...hmm, but that's an hour of pure and unadulterated reading time I would be missing out on--no one bugging me...and I relent and go and am almost always happy I did. It's nice having a machine at home, too--I have a treadmill, but it gets too warm in my upstairs room in summer so I try and get to the gym instead.


Next time you see it and waver--pick it up! It is a book I can recommend without any reservations (at least so far!). I can see why it was listed for the Booker!


Move it up the pile at least! :) It's good,and I think you'll like it when you get to it. It's the sort of story you don't want to put down--always a good sign!


That's pretty much what happened to me--It was a case of either return it late, pay a fine and annoy the next person in line or just return it and go to the end of the line (that happens more often than I care to admit). It was a Booker finalist and I can see why! I would say this is one that is well worth the money and it is at least out in paperback. I think once you start you will find it so engaging you won't want to set it down!


I've never thought of taking a book with me to the gym. Hm, now that could be interesting. I suspect you have to choose carefully so the book isn't too big it topples over or where the pages refuse to stay put. I could give it a go tonight - it might start a trend.


People always look at me a little crazy and say they couldn't read and walk, but I think I have gotten pretty good--though must admit I am only walking and not running and hold on with one hand. I have yet to 'fall off' a machine--and yes, I do have to consider how a book will work on a machine--usually no mass market books (or with too tiny print or with print that runs well into the spine). The ones that lay flat are the best! Probably a Kindle or tablet would be perfect, too!

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