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What fun! I was excited by the cycling quote because I have thought that cycling in the Netherlands would be great because no hills! Hadn't thought about the wind! Have to rethink that that one now.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

That sounds like a fascinating series: I love (this is going to sound weird) out-of-date travel guides as I find that part of the thrill of travel is the nostalgia component, whether that be references to books that I've read or movies seen, etc.


I have read Anja Meulenbelt, I'm sure of it but have no idea what it was. I'll have to hunt that book.
I used to travel so often but these days it's complicazed with the cats and my courses and what not.
I might end up going "only" to the UK. I'm starting a Brontë project and hope to visit where they lived.


I had no idea either--I thought it was interesting too. I would never have thought that there would be difficulties like that on a flat terrain!


I love these books and dip into them occasional when I start a reading binge like this--not least for those end of chapter bibliographies. And I know what you mean by those travel guides--it is a different kind of social history, don't you think? I have an old (from the 50s I think) guide to Rome which is fun to look at.


It would be so cool to see Bronte country! I always think if I was in Europe I would zip all over the place but then I think of all the big cities in the US I could go to and do the same sort of thing but never do--even for a weekend. It all costs money and yes, having kitties means you have to plan and find someone to take care of them. I had such bad luck on my last travels as first Dulce got sick when I was away, and then Chispa! Bad luck. I wondered if my going away was a little shocking for them and in some way affected their health--but maybe that is silly. I think they really do depend on us and grow very attached to a special person. I wondered if you were taking classes--it is hard to juggle blogging with studying, isn't it? Lately I can barely work and try and read or get things done and seem to fall more and more behind when I feel as though I am not doing any more now that I was two or three years ago--though work is far more stressful and I wonder if I am just getting burned out 'online'.


Burned out online! Yes. I feel that too. I love to write my posts but then I feel forced to visit as well and that's stressful.
My male cat stops eating when I'm gone. We started skyping him which confused him totally but he still eat a bit more. As if hearing my voice told him "Ah - there's hope. She's still somewhere."


I used to travel alone a lot so your travel guide is true for me there. I have read Anja Meulenbelt's 'The Shame Is Over' shortly after it was published. (She wrote about 40 books).It was published at the height of the feminist movement here and it got a lot of publicity. I don't think I would reread it, have passed my copy on to charity a few years ago. I think you might find it good documenting fem lib at that time but also dated. She still is very active politically (international).


I have been wondering how accurate and true some of my reading has been! In some cases the authors are not Dutch--in the case of these essays I know it is just what the writer has experienced--in the case of novels I am not sure whether the details are right or waaay off! I think my library has a copy of Anja' book--I had no idea she wrote so many. It sounds like she is an important person to be familiar with!


I seem to do everything so slow these days--rather everything seems to take twice as long as I expect it to, which is why I have fallen so far behind! And I (as I have noted before...) feel out of touch with the online world and all my virtual friends, who I really do miss. I know I am not keeping up with things and I hate that--but it really does make life a little stressful sometimes. Poor cat--they really do know when we are gone--or getting ready to go. I totally think animals can become depressed, too! Do you have someone trustworthy who will look after your cats when you are away? It is always worse when they are so disrupted when they must be taken somewhere to be cared for and can't at least stay in their own home environment! Have you decided where you will go on vacation?


Not yet. I have someone but my male cat likes nobody bit me.


My cats were always okay when I went away but were a little on the mopey side(but they were used to the other people who are always around so it wasn't so strange). One of my sisters, though, had a cat who was completely dedicated to her--it was awful when she got sick as they had been companions for a really long time!

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