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My grandfather was Dutch, and he would bring me things from Holland such as Droste cocoa. I have little wooden shoes for my Christmas tree, but no postcards as lovely as yours. I would keep them where I can see them, too.


How fun! I especially love the Hitchcock--such a beautiful painting. Buying postcards at museums is my go-to activity to remember my favorite pieces. We've even framed a couple of the larger ones.


I have postcards propped up all over the place. It is nice to have such inviting images to look at close at hand. How cool that your grandfather was Dutch. I bet you have fond memories of his little gifts.


I love that one, too. It has been tacked to my bulletin board for a long time!I have lots of postcards, too, from places I've visited and exhibits I have seen. They are wonderful reminders of happy experiences.


Lovely postcards. Especially the first two and the last two. This is how I remember Utrecht. It's a wonderful city.
It must be nice to recive so many postcards.


I love getting good mail--letters and cards along with the few magazines I get. I still do postcrossing, so the more cards I send the more I get since it is a trade thing--but once again lately I have not had so much time to send any cards. I do have a few friends, though, that I write cards back and forth with--which are the ones I most look forward to. One of the ladies lives in Utrecht--I would love to visit there as well... So many places to see....


I have tried to find for you what the mill's wings (sails?) were telling.Did you know the position is a language of it's own?
The painting I could find, there is a celebration in the mill! The papercutting looks like a position that doesn't really exist, maybe it's a mirror image.


That windmill card is one of my very favorites I have ever received from The Netherlands! I had no idea that the wings/sails had any meaning at all--how cool. Now I must investigate myself. I like the story of the painting--I had not heard of this artist before so it is a lovely find, too. I think the papercut must be all imagination--but I do like the motifs--it is very eye catching I think.


What fun cards! I agree, it is always a treat to get art and a note in your mailbox :)


You know, of course, that I wholeheartedly agree with you. And I even have one ready to wing its way to MN tomorrow!

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