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I am absolutely going to read this, Danielle. I think it sounds excellent and very readable, with an intriguing and real heroine. Thanks for sharing.


I think you will like it (at least I hope you will!). It is easy going though complex in many ways with lots to think about and a number of storylines to keep things interesting, too. I think he most definitely should be better known!


You haven't lost me halfway Danielle, I think this is a great review. As it is indeed a chunky book I am happy you enjoyed it so much.

Rebecca H.

Wow, this book sounds great! I'll keep an eye out for it, and you remind me that I'd like to read Effi Briest as well. Thanks for the introduction to this book -- it's one I hadn't heard of before.


I tend to ramble on and on sometimes in my book posts (I will start out thinking I have not much to say about a book and then see I have to cut myself off!), so I thought people might get tired of reading and not quite make it to the end! :)


I think this has been one of my favorite books so far this year and I highly recommend it. It might even surpass Effi Briest and I loved that as well. I think you would enjoy both books.


As you've been updating about the book I have thought it sounded good but now, now I have added it to my TBR list as something I really want to read!


I really do think you would like this. Despite the size (and I know you never back down from a chunky read) it goes pretty fast. I read a library copy, but I do think this is one I will have to invest it to have on hand. I wouldn't mind rereading it later.


Your post makes me think that it's indeed sad this novel isn't reviewed more. It sounds as if it would deserve it.
She sounds like such a complex character, I like that too. Seeing the book mentioned together with those others I can imagine how it will end and that if she is such an endearing character that must be very moving to read.


I really liked Eline--I'm not sure endearing is just the right word to describe her--but I do know what you mean. She is very complex and while her life is not so tragic as Emma Bovary (at least not in the same way), she never fulfilled her expectations and desires, which I always find so very sad. I do think Couperus should be read more!

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