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Margaret Stedman

Lovely. I enjoy reports of your progress. What with book recommendations and needlework inspiration I find your blog "dangerous" to visit ;-)


I'm a terrible enabler, aren't I? Am always too happy to tempt others with books and needlework! I only wish I had more to report back on when it comes to my needlework, but maybe now I can get back into a stitching routine!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Gorgeous colours in that pin cushion - I think it has a lovely 'sari' colour look about it.


Your stitching is gorgeous!
Yes, very difficult to find time to do all the amazing projects one had lined up.
I think it's possible to knit and read - but not stitch and read....!

Joan Kyler

You make me feel so guilty! You have a full-time job and still find time to read and stitch. I'm essentially retired and can never find time to do needlepoint or practice the piano or draw - or do any of the tons of things I think I'd like to do. I know it's partly that I'm lazy and reading is so much easier.

I love the bee sampler. You reminded me that I have a few of the Halloween projects, too. Plus, I haven't finished even one of the three birth samplers I'd like to do for my grandnieces!


Your bees are coming along! And I do love the colors for the heart! I like orange and pink/purple together, they are colors you don't think should work but they really do make a striking combination.


I love the colors too and was looking for some project that I could use the floss on specifically. I like the idea of a sari--maybe I should look for some gold thread to use in the finishing-that might be kind of cool.


There really is not enough time at all--I agree. I can listen to audio books while stitching and half watch half listen to a movie on TV, but alas--no reading while stitching. Thanks for the kind words.


Don't feel guilty at all! Strangely I get more done when I am busy working than when I am on vacation. I get 'lazy' too. But when I am working I can fit in reading and stitching at odd times--on the bus or the half hour before I start work, on my break. Whenever I have a nice span of vacation and lots of free time I never manage to do half what I would like to do. I go in phases where it is all reading and sometimes mostly reading with a bit of needlework thrown in on the side. There was a time when I mostly stitched, but it's been ages since I devoted that much time to needlework alone. Maybe you could set aside twenty minutes a day--you would be amazed by how much you can accomplish in a little steady stitching time. I can't wait to finish the bee project and get back to my Halloween sampler!


Slowly but surely I am getting close to finishing! I like pink and orange together, too. I have an orange tee shirt that I like to wear with a pink sweater--I like it anyway. There is something warm and summery about the combination!

Joan Kyler

I think setting aside twenty minutes to a half and hour sounds like a good idea. Slow and steady wins the race?


I like that Quaker heart. And the bee sampler, of course. I think you made very good progress.


It really works. You would be amazed at how much you can accomplish that way. And the nice thing, too, is when you begin seeing progress and how much your sampler grows it makes you even more determined to get more finished. At least that is how I am feeling--I am nearly finished with the top design--which is just one half (it has a front and back) and today I spent a little time looking for inspiration on how to finish it. So I am hoping it will really be done before I go on vacation!


I like it, too. The back has motifs as well. And the bee sampler is coming along nicely (even if a little slowly). If I had a nice chunk of time I think I could finish it in just a couple of sittings, so I am near the end!

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