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Hey I recently start blogging please check it out? :D


Thanks so much Cath--I must give his work a try sometime! I am always amazed when I see others who are able to write in a language other than their own. There really is a sense of dislocation and no doubt offers a very unique perspective on a culture!


Thanks for the link BookHunter--will check out your blog--good luck getting started and I am sure you will find the book blogging community very welcoming (and no doubt dangerous for your wallet!).


Oh wow! And now I am going to have to read Abdolah, especially My Father's Notebook. Thanks Cath! And thank you too Danielle!


I have added him to my list of must reads, too. I see he is a New Directions author like Cesar Aira! I knew he sounded like a 'quality' writer, but they are really known for publishing excellent fiction.


As a guest blogger I can understand very well how exciting it must be for you to start blog. Wishing you many readers.


I now wonder what his voice will be like in translation. So far I have only read an excerpt.


Yes I would recommend to first read My Father's Notebook, too. It was such a wonderful experience to write these guestposts.

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