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Harriet Devine

Great review! I love Maigret and haven't read nearly enough of these. Must get some more - thanks.

Liz F

I have a Maigret Omnibus waiting for me at the library which I hope to pick up tomorrow.
Not a clue which books are in it as there was very little detail in the online catalogue but after reading your review, I am really looking forward to collecting it!


I read all the Maigret novels many years ago and enjoyed them, though I can't remember any particulars right now. Maybe it's time for a reread.


I think The Netherlands do look very orderly and neat in the eye of a foreigner I certainly would agree there. We drink with meals though: water or wine, or tea/coffee, depending on the kind of meal. Could be an imported custom when people started to travel much more from the sixties onwards.


A good book and even better it fits in two of your reading goals. That's gotta be nice!


Thanks Harriet. They are fast easy reads but very entertaining and well done, too!


You'll have to let me know which books the omnibus has--I really like Maigret, but Simenon's other books are also well worth searching out! I have a feeling you will like him!


Now that would be a fun undertaking! He was so prolific. But to know you like him and then know there are so many books to read--what a happy prospect!


I found this such a fascinating read for a variety of reasons--not least that it is fun getting the little cultural details, even if the world has changed drastically since he wrote the book. I imagine The Netherlands being neat and orderly--at least from all the photos I have seen!


Yes, strike two books off two lists. It is nice to make progress and enjoy myself along the way.

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