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vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

I've enjoyed your 'travels' - and what a great idea it was. I sometimes think that I am such a safe reader and I find it very encouraging to see someone take on a project that pressures the boundaries of a comfort zone.


I tend to be very much a comfort reader, too. I knew that the books would appeal as destinations go, Amsterdam would be very appealing to me. But I do also like to occasionally read outside my comfort zone--I should really do so more often actually. I've enjoyed these travels, too!


I've really enjoyed your reading project, too. I feel like I could reference your posts if I ever want recommendations for Dutch literature (and I think that I will). The next best thing to travelling there!


I'm afraid I don't know what's on the cover of A-Mag for autumn, I'll ask my husband to take a look when he is in Amsterdam again.
We Dutch have a real soft spot for people trying to speak our language :) well done Danielle and that goes for the project too.


Your project was a big success! So many good books and I loved Cath's guest posts too.


I think that list I came up with is a good one--and I had lots of help with it, too. Cath who is Dutch gave me some excellent suggestions. I only wish I could have read more of the books--but now I have more to look forward to later. And how fun would that be to get to actually travel there!


I might be able to pull it up online to take care of my curiosity! :) I love those travel magazines--it's fun thinking of what I might be able to see and do if I was actually there. And I would love to learn some Dutch--unfortunately there is very limited offerings here (at the university and elsewhere) when it comes to learning foreign languages! I am quite pleased with how the project turned out and thanks very much to you for all your help and for writing such wonderful posts!


It is definitely an enjoyable project and all in all quite successful I think. I loved Cath's writings, too! It was so fun being able to do this in tandem with her!

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