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I have The Country of the Pointed Firs on my TBR shelf--and I'm glad I do, after this teaser. I think I will enjoy it when I pick it up, which may be a while because I just got an influx of library books with more to come next week. Oh, well, I'm going to enjoy the book abundance and not stress about it!


The nice thing about books is they have no expiration date. I have read books much, much later than when I originally bought them. Sometimes the time won't be right until years later actually and I try not to let myself stress over it either! I have been enjoying the sketches and so it was serendipity to come across one of them in this collection! Anything especially good in your influx of new books? (What a loaded question--of course they are all good, right?!).


I'm greatly enjoying Emily, Alone by Stewart O'Nan and The Fiddler in the Subway by Gene Weingarten. "Subway" is a collection of essays by Weingarten, who has won a couple of Pulitzer Prizes, but who I knew best as a humor columnist. I'm really liking these longer, more in-depth pieces.


Those both sound good! I have never read anything by Stewart O'Nan, but I do like the sound of the book you have on the go at the moment--the essays sound good, too. I haven't read any essays this year. Are they humorous like his other work, too? It's nice to have something light to pick up--I don't read enough books with humor in them!


Isn't Sarah Orne Jewett wonderful? I remember reading Country of the Pointed Firs and wanting it never to end. I could imagine being very happy in that little community. I read the opening paragraph of the New Yorker story and had to laugh about the mushrooms - took some, waited, took some more, waited some more. Heh. Sounds like they got the wrong kind of mushrooms.


She really is good and I need to just sit and finish the book so I can pick up another novella, but it is so easy to just dip into the sketches. They make me want to go to Maine and find the place she lived. As for the New Yorker story--yes, let's just say the couple planning to have a baby has decided to sow the last of their wild oats and experience all life has to...offer. Not the sort of mushrooms you put on your salad for sure.

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