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Great review of this book! I'm a fan of St. James, too. She writes an almost perfect ghost story. I thought Silence for the Dead was a bit darker than her other books, but I enjoyed the time period and the setting. Still, my absolute favorite is An Inquiry Into Love and Death. I'm glad to know she has another book coming out soon!


I just started listening to An Inquiry...I forgot that it was you who introduced me to these books!


I'm looking forward to the next one too; like you, Inquiry Into Love & Death is still my favourite so far.


Her previous book seems to be a favorite of a number of us! I like her suspense stories as well--love the settings and the heroines and I can't wait to read her forthcoming book as well! Next spring seems so far off, doesn't it? But something to look forward to!


Her books would be fun to listen to--must keep that in mind. I think I like reading her books a bit more but I would happily listen to one of the books I have already read. And if I introduced her to you I am happy to hear that--she's one of my reliably good turn to authors!


Everything about that last book was for me pitch perfect. I enjoyed the first and this last one, but the other just clicked!

Liz F

Do wish I our library would stock some of her books. I would love to try one but I don't dare buy any more books at the moment!


I like a good ghost story too and her books sound good, have to add them to my Amazon Wish List.
Do you know John Harwood? He's written The Seance, The Ghostwriter and Asylum, I've read the first 2 and have the last one on my Kindle waiting to be read.


A good haunted house story is always fun. And I have no doubt you will have a list plenty long by the time RIP starts next month!


I have two books by this author, still unread, but I always want to pick hem up when I read your reviews. I suppose I'll have to wait until the autumn weather comes, now that Murakami's latest is due the 12th and that is first on my list.

Margaret Powling

I have gradually warmed to these stories and liked this one the best, and look forward to the new one. I'm trying to think of the story in which the unknown warrior was brought back to England; four cadavers were chosen and then one soldier chosen from those, but I can't remember which story it was ... perhaps a Charles Todd, perhaps Elizabeth Speller, I just can't remember ...


I love her books and have the newest waiting to be read at home; I try not to buy books but do buy her's because she is a new(ish) Canadian author and I love to support new and Canadian writers.
Margaret, I read that book as well and am now trying to remember the title; there are just so many WWI era books out there these days! If I may make a suggestion: A Star for Mrs. Blake is one of the best books about the post war era that I have ever read. It is about a trip organized by the government for mothers of soldiers who died overseas (I think they are called Gold Star mothers) It is very moving, and interesting.


I can't believe her books are no in your library. She is quite popular and I am sure lots of readers there would love her work. Can you request materials for the library to purchase? I need to slow down on the book buying, too. I go in phases and now need my own little austerity phase!


I just came across John Harwood's Asylum and was contemplating it for Carl's RIP readalong next month. I have read The Seance but not his other books. I recall quite liking him, too!


I am sure I will have no problem coming up with a few good ghost stories for RIP. Haunted house stories are always good, aren't they?


I have lots of those sorts of books myself....I couldn't wait to get them and then they still sit on my shelves. I always figure, though, each book will get its day and when the time is right I will read it--and not fret about it now. For me--I have wanted to read Murakami for ages but never know quite where to start!


I think the book you are thinking of is by Elizabeth Speller--the Return of Captain John Emmett? I have read a couple of books centered around the unknown warrior and I am pretty sure the Speller was one of them! Charles Todd might have taken it as a subject matter, too, but I'm not sure of that one. I'm looking forward to her newest as well.


Do you have her *new* new book? If so, I think I need to break down and order it from Canada-it is not due to come out here until early in the spring of next year!! Which have been your favorite Canadian books this year? I need to pick a new book by a Canadian author, though I am leaning towards LM Montgomery finally. I need to read a Star for Mrs Blake--I started it and then had to return it thanks to a line of people waiting for it--I think I am safe now to request it!


No, her 'new' new book doesn't come out until April 2015; by new, I meant Silence for the Dead. I think my favourite Canadian author these days is Louise Penny, altho' she is not new anymore. It is interesting you should mention LM Montgomery, since I just picked up two of her adult books at the local library; I have read the Anne, and Emily, books many times but not The Blue Castle, etc. You will love A Star for Mrs. Blake; it is very affecting, and I cried, which is unusual for me; I am a pretty tough cookie, most of the time. Altho' I tend to avoid Remembrance Day ceremonies; they get to me and always have. Both World Wars affected my family personally and I now have four sons, so try to steer clear of those gatherings but I always wear a poppy.


I was going to ask which one of her books you like best but then you answered that. The next one with the séances and osychis sounds good but so does this one. In any case I'd like to try her.


osychis? Unbelievable. Psychics, of course, but you got that. .


Darn! Thought I could cheat and order a copy from Canada early! ;) I guess we all have to wait. I need to get back to the Louise Penny mysteries--I read and loved the first and keep eyeing the second, but until I finish one of the mysteries I have on the go (and I seem to have a stack started right now), I am making myself Not Pick Up More Books! And I have not read any LM Montgomery, which is pretty bad of me I think! Something to look forward to. I read some of A Star for Mrs Blake but I think I may have to start from the beginning when I go back to it. I know what you mean by those ceremonies being so emotional--I already cry at the drop of a hat, so I tend to avoid things like that as well. (And I don't have any kids at all). I don't think we have ever had the tradition here of wearing a poppy--should look that up!


I think any of her books would be good to begin with--none are related to each other, but the previous one is the one I enjoyed most. I am looking forward to her newest. I have always been interested in books with psychics (have you read Affinity by Sarah Waters--now I seem to remember you haven't had a chance to read her yet...if you like those sorts of stories, you Have to read Affinity!!).


My fingers often hit the wrong keys, too--they can't keep up with my thoughts! :)


You know I said that I wasn't going to buy any of her books?
That resolution only lasted as long as it took me to find a couple on Amazon and order them - as my other half says I can resist everything apart from temptation and have the will-power of a gnat when it comes to books!


I can sympathize--I keep telling myself you MUST Stop (or at least slow down). I cannot even begin to tell you how bad I have been this year with adding books to my collection--I think that is part of the problem with me starting books incessantly and not finishing them for ages. My reading is truly out of control!! I seem to suffer from the same book buying problems as you do! I think you will like her, however. I can't wait for her new book to come out--so now you have something nice to look forward to--book mail and a new story to take you away from everything! :)


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Unfortunately I alfready have three unread Sarah Waters novels.


....yes, I can understand that! It becomes almost overwhelming sometimes knowing you have so many unread books on your shelf and then adding to them...a little pressure. Not that that always stops me. Some authors I seem to collect irregardless of what I already own and need to read. A bad habit.

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