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Helen Dunmore is one of these authors I would like to read one day, but her WW books are not to be found in my library, yet. Just hoping they might be one day :).


How wonderful that the book managed to surprise you and in a good way! I suppose there are so many books about WWI that authors who want to write a story in that period have to get pretty creative in order to make something different than all the others.


I have read this book and also The Siege. Helen Dunmore has become a favorite.


I'm surprised that Helen Dunmore is not in your library. I know she has won the Orange Prize and been longlisted for other prizes as well. Or maybe it is only her war books they don't have? I've read a few of her books--have been wanting to read her book The Siege.


I was feeling sort of 'meh' about it halfway through and dragging my feet a bit but all of a sudden things started coming together and I began looking at the story in a different way and it just clicked. I was afraid I would end up disappointed, but in actuality this was a good read for me in the end! Always nice when that happens.


I like her, too, and want to read The Siege at some point--I think she wrote a sequel to it, too? I wouldn't mind giving The Greatcoat a go for Carl's upcoming RIP reading. Too many good choices out there.

Liz F

I've read a few of Helen Dunmore's books and have even more, including The Lie and The Siege, waiting on shelves to be read, all of them very varied indeed.
The sort-of sequel to The Siege is The Betrayal which uses some of the same characters of the earlier book, but again that is waiting to be read - there's a surprise!
I HAVE however read The Greatcoat and found it very creepy indeed to the point that I had to take it to the office to read in broad daylight over my lunch break!
I do have one or two issues over the ending and will be interested to hear what you think if you get around to reading it, but it would make a very good addition to your RIP reading! ( I will still be trying to finish that book of ghost stories that I bought a couple of years ago plus a couple from the Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Gardam collections and then see where I go from there!)


I ordered a copy of this and really wanted to read it... I am just not really reading. :(


Do you know offhand which stories by Taylor and Gardam you have to read? I am thinking of stories now that would fit my RIP reading--I might have read the Gardam stories, but not sure if I have read any by Taylor. I thought about reading the Greatcoat for RIP this year, but as my pile is already so tall am going to try and just stick with it at this point. I knew she had written a sequel to The Siege but couldn't remember the name. I'll get to those books eventually....


Hey Kailana--how are you? It's so nice to hear from you. I know you have had a rocky reading year-sorry to hear you are not reading much right now--hopefully you are doing something else that is just as good? I think maybe you have already read the next book by Louisa Young? Hope all is well otherwise!


Thanks for participating, Danielle.
I was a bit disappointed in the book but a few of the rveiews made me see aspects I hadn't noticed like the homoerotic element. I really didn't get it. I do like her writing but I found it a tad to sad to fully enjoy it. Not so much because of what happens but because of the setting and the mood.


I am glad I stuck with it. I have to say it was a little iffy along the way. I had set it aside and was thinking of not picking it up, but I have been doing that a little too much lately so decided to persist and in the end I am glad I did. I had the feeling she was going for the crush/love think between the two men though it wasn't delved into too deeply. It definitely was not a happy uplifting story and not a optimistic ending, but somehow to me it seemed to fit. I am looking forward to the next novel a lot, however, as I have heard really good things about it!

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