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Oh! I literally just finished my reread of The Moor a this morning & thought about what a good RIP book it was. :)

I'm easing back into blogging, but I haven't figured out yet how frequently I'll post each week. That's so tricky, isn't it? Especially if you have limited reading time!


Wonderful--so I made a wise choice. I just had an overwhelming urge to read more of Mary Russell's adventures--she is such a wonderful character--and I noticed there is a new Russell/Holmes mystery soon out (or maybe has just been released...). Congrats Eva--I did see your recent couple of posts and see that you have moved, which is really exciting. I hope all goes well and you find your new place and town great places! It is hard knowing how little or how much time to spend on blogging--I really love it, but I am otherwise not having a very good reading year and think I need to rethink my approach to things--so hard to find a good balance! And with work and a class, my reading time seems even less than normal. I miss having big chunks of reading time--it's so hard to make progress in little fits and starts that I seem to be having these days.


Can't help but agree with you about Facebook being used for promotions, competitions, etc. Like you I am not on Facebook but sometimes would like to participate in some promotion but I am excluded. Do not want to be coerced into joining with the lure of something for nothing.

Di McDougall

And I feel that way too...that one is in a way, forced to give up your privacy, in order to take part and I refuse to. I have been mulling over getting The Moor and it seems I should!!

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

You're such a dedicated and interesting blogger, D.: I don't know how you have any time to read at all! And now you mention Mary Russell, and I want to begin the series again.

Liz F

I'm 'sort of' on Facebook but only really got into it because one son lives in London and my youngest daughter is currently living in France plus I have friends who now live at the other end of the country so it is a way of keeping in touch with what they are doing. Actually I am more likely to speak to the kids or Skype them as I refuse to sign up for the new Messenger so it is more a case of seeing what other people I know are up to.
I'm very careful with what information I put out there though and it never fails to amaze me how many people seem to live their lives on Facebook posting VERY personal information! I just hope that in some cases it doesn't end up coming back to bite them!
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a time tree that you could collect an extra hour or so from whenever you needed it? If you can get the same effect from posting a bit less then do it - I am always amazed that you manage to do as much as you do and keep up your posting schedule anyway so I wouldn't blame you wanting to claw back a little time for yourself!


I know all about those urges--that's why I have Parnassus on Wheels on my tablet when I don't really like reading on a tablet! Of course, I had another irresistible urge, and ended up with a Maigret mystery on there, too, which is what I'm currently reading. My library has few physical copies of Maigret stories and the one I felt like reading was only a downloadable e-book. I "need" him for Mystery Bingo, plus I wanted to read a Maigret story since I've never read one.

I wish you could invent a tree that grew spare hours for reading (or for other fun pasttimes)--you would surely become a millionaire.

I'm always amazed at how much you do--reading, posting, needlework, lit class, workouts at the gym, etc., all on top of your job. Even though I love reading your posts, if you need a break, you should take one! You deserve it.


I think you are quite right not to be on Facebook which is a stupendous time waster and hideous to look at -horrible layout and ads etc etc but good for checking up on acquaintances sometimes....
For visuals to a very a limited audience of family and friends I use Instagram.
Mary Russell sounds wonderful!
We are off to Prague next week which should be fascinating.
I'm currently reading Arctic Summer a novel about EM Forster that I thought I would think hokey and awful and discover is really well done.
Happy reading!


There's just so much isn't there? And now you are taking that lit class. I've been thinking of cutting back to 4 posts a week at least for a little while but I haven't decided yet. It would be nice to come home on a Tuesday, say, and not have to worry about dinner and blogging and working out and all sorts of myriad other daily life things. As for FB, I have an account but I rarely even login to it. I keep thinking I will just delete it but out of sight out of mind, and I haven't gotten around to it.


I'm not on Facebook either, and I agree, it's annoying when businesses only offer deals and giveaways through it and no other way.


Sometimes the urge to read a book is so strong, I totally disregard that I didn't want to start a new one but very often those are exacrly the books I end up liking the most. I hope The Moor will be just like that for you. :)


I think it's quite a nice feeling, to be gripped by the urge for a book and then to give in to it! I think I read a Laurie King book but so long ago I can scarcely recall it. The Moor sounds most enticing! I'm no fan of gore and violence either. Give me a good mystery puzzle any day!

Kristen M.

I feel the same way you do about Facebook but with GoodReads. I chose LibraryThing because it was more professional and had, well, zero controversy. And yet I constantly see GR giveaways that I wish I could put in for. I wish everyone could just figure out webforms on their own publisher pages and leave out the social media tie-ins altogether!


That's a perfect description--it's not worth creating an account for the chance to win something free! I would love to try my luck with some of them or even access some of the publishers promotions for books out of curiosity, but I can't bring myself to do FB.


I guess at this point that by blogging I have given up a certain amount of privacy, but FB is just a little too much for me--too much information, if you know what I mean. I am sure you can reveal as much or little as you want, but I try and stay away from the personal here and I think lots of people reveal it all on FB. It's just not my thing. And I would say go for it when it comes to The Moor--I love Laurie King--have enjoyed all the books by her I have read and this one looks quite promising, too.


Lately I have to say that not as much reading has been going on as I would like! I am going to try and post a day or two less in order to free things up a little--but I do like chatting about books--must fin that happy medium. And I was thinking, too, that it was time to get going again with Mary Russell-she is one of my favorite characters.


I can see where FB would come in handy to keep in touch with family, especially if you are all spread out, but it's the people who share everything that makes it unappealing to me--too much information sometimes. I try and keep things pretty bookish here--I can't imagine most of the world has any interest in the minutiae of my life! Besides this is more than enough to keep me busy online. As a matter of fact I am indeed going to try and post a day or two less and see if that makes a difference with my reading.... Anything to try and find a little more free time!


You have to read Parnassus on Wheels! I just finished it today and loved it! I am ready now to pick up The Haunted Bookshop, but I know I need to give a little attention to a few other books first, so will wait a bit. I have my three Bingo Books waiting, too! I would like to read more Simenon as well. See how one book just leads to another. I am very good at multitasking, but I admit that I am feeling a little burnt out with everything. I have scheduled a couple of Wednesdays off in October (I sort of like having that middle of the week day off to make the week a little shorter). Something to look forward to.


Yes, some online activities are pure time sucks and I am not sure it would be worth it for me since none of my family is on FB. I am sure some people use it quite successfully, but it is just not my thing. I really need to check out Instagram--I keep hearing it mentioned, but I have never looked it up! Mary Russell IS great! If you have never read any of Laurie King's books and you like a good mystery--the Mary Russell stories are great. Mary has such a great 'voice' and is such a marvelous character. Glad to hear the book about EM Forster is good--I was eyeing it myself and so will have to get my hands on a copy after all!


I sort of like being busy--I love my class and I like going to the gym (since it means reading time, of course), and lately I've been going to a movie every weekend. It's all good, but it puts more limitations on reading and that is a little difficult considering how I have been feeling about my reading of late. I am going to try for posting four days a week, I think. If it works out to more (or maybe even less) that is okay, too. And then I'll see how it goes--but at least through the end of the year I am hoping to free up a few extra nights during the work week. I know exactly what you mean when it comes to having time in the evening to do something else! Blogging is a creative outlet, but sometimes you need to do something a little different for new inspiration. I have to do a trivia contest on FB at work every fall (am in the middle of it now...), but that is as close as I ever come to doing anything with it. For me, that is more than enough! :)


It seems to be the way of the world, doesn't it. And I hate to admit it, but it is a little discouraging in some ways. But I feel no pull to do FB--this (blogging) is more than enough for me!


Isn't it weird how that happens--maybe not so weird as it seems to have been happening to me a lot lately. I hope to have time finally this weekend to get more into the story. I go in phases with mysteries--am more in the mood right now for a good (intellectual) cozy rather than a crime novel.


I think that is why I like Agatha Christie so much--she always presents such a good puzzle to mull over. And that is what I am in the mood for right now-I was thinking a vintage mystery was very appealing, but then...Mary Russell came to mind an I knew I needed to catch up on her adventures!


Social media is so huge these days, though, isn't it? I see it even at my job! I think part of me wants to just rebel against is all as it is sort of an irritation to me. I am on GR, but I rarely update things--it is just too much work to change pages to show where I am in my reading. I know some people love it, and that's cool, but like you I prefer LT, too. I tried the GR giveaways, but I had no luck whatsoever. Not that I need anymore reading material.....

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