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i just read a Kindle sample until i am able to buy the hardcover. September came so fast. hope to read it soon.


September really did come fast. It was here before I even had a chance to think about it, and then all of a sudden I knew it was just a week or so to go until Sarah Waters' book came out--just enough time to have a little anticipation for a new book.... I hope you get a copy soon, too.


I've just finished it === amazing book. Look forward to your review!


I just finished this! Not her best but definitely absorbing. It's good! Best you don't read any blurbs or reviews while reading it.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Ooooh! I love her writing -- lucky you. I hope to get to it eventually too.


Do let us know! I didn't get absorbed by her "little stranger", so I definitely want to hear other people's opinion before taking the plunge with this one.


Any day you come home to find a book in your mailbox is a good mail day :)


I've only read Affinity by her, but I liked it very much.


I'm sure you're in for a treat (just saw Harriet's comment).
I'm still not much more advanced when it comes to her. I was going to read The Fingersmith first, then again I'm tempted by Night Watch since I saw My Dear, I Wanted to Tell You compared to it.
Btw - I loved Louisa Young's novel but - brace yourself -there's a horrific chapter in the middle. It stays quite horrible for a long while but it's still such a wonderful book.


So glad to hear that, and I am not at all surprised! I have only just started but can't wait to get into the story properly--but she does have me interested right from the first page!


I'd say even a so-so Sarah Waters is still really good. I have liked every book by her I have read--and aside from this newest I only have one left to read (Tipping the Velvet). I am avoiding all reviews until I finish, however, just like you say!


Isn't she brilliant?! It's such a treat to have a new Sarah Waters book--it seemed so very far off for so long and now I have it in my hands! I almost am afraid to read it as then the wait for another new one will be unbearably long!!


I will certainly let you know! I actually loved A Little Stranger, but it was definitely s different sort of book. I don't like to know spoilers, but it is nice to know when someone likes something and recommends it!


Isn't that the truth! There have been far fewer of those of late as I try and stick with a budget however!


I liked that one, too, and I was sort of not expecting to like it. Now I will just read anything she writes--of course I am lucky as the subjects she writes about are almost always those of most interest to me! You have lots of treats in store for you then! You have to give Fingersmith a go--that is such a perfect book!


I think you can't go wrong with any of her books--so whichever appeals most is the best one to pick up next. I think I am in for a treat--I am contemplating when I can take some time off from work for some extra reading time! (And breaks in general are just nice). I am not far into the Young book, but I am liking it immensely. It is different than I expected it to be, but in a really good way. She has a good writing style and the characters are really interesting, which makes me want to reach for the book more often than most of my other reads! Thanks for the heads up.... But good to know it is good despite it all.

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