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I've started reading for an hour early in the morning before I go to work - it kind of sets me up for the day and I'm racing through my tbr piles! I enjoyed The Cuckoo's Calling, by the way.


I am much more a morning reader these days than before when I could stay up half the night reading a book. Now I rarely read at night--about one page and I am ready to fall asleep on my book! It's being able to spend a nice chunk of time like that that I know I would be able to make progress on my books--just fits and starts--15 minutes here and there does add up but it seems to take so much longer--you barely get into the story and then must stop! I have enjoyed what I've read so far of The Cuckoo's Calling--am ready to finish it as well!


Oh my - that's some pile you've got there.
I wouldn't be able to do it. I would forget too much of the books.
But it's your tested way of doing it, so I'm sure it works for you.

Liz F

I don't think that my pile of books in progress is quite as big as yours but it is certainly heading for double figures!There are also one or two where I am going to have to start again because too much time has elapsed since I last opened them for me to realistically understand what is going on!
I loved Burial Rites, This House is Haunted and A Florentine Revenge, wasn't all that enthusiastic about Crossbones Yard (the lead character annoyed me!) and didn't finish Red Joan because I got bored and bogged down (loved Jennie Rooney's other two books though!)
I know that my reading pile would be more controllable if I could resist the temptation of the library, or at least stop requesting books on line but it is just so tempting and at least less of a danger to my bank account than a certain online retailer!


Sometimes when I get really behind I'll double up on audio book + print version. I can listen while folding laundry etc as well as in the car, the switch back to print. Sometimes that helps to weed out the DNFs without wasting precious reading time.

vicki (skiourophile / bibliolathas)

Thanks for that reminder about the year drawing to a close... AARRGGHH! ;-) The size of your pile totally daunts me -- you really need that time-turning thing from Harry Potter to gain a few more hours every day.


After reading this, I went and counted my in-progress books out of curiosity--I "only" had 11. Which was about five more than I thought I had. I have a small stack of library books I'm dying to start reading, but I think I'd better hold off till I finish one or two of the in-progress ones. Sometimes I just feel happy that I have a book to suit any mood, and other times I feel overwhelmed. It's my task to stay on the right side of the line.

I read just about every chance I get--while eating breakfast and lunch, while drying my hair and brushing my teeth, in bed at night (I can usually manage it for a half hour to an hour if I'm not too tired) and first thing in the morning. From what you've written in the past, I don't know if you can stuff any more reading time into your life! If you want to have any kind of life, that is. I'd say as long as you're enjoying yourself and aware of what you're doing, just keep making stately progress!


I thought I had a lot of book in progress but you have got me beat! I hope you have a relaxing book-filled weekend :)


Wow, that's an impressive stack of books.
I have six I'd like to finish before the end of the year. Mostly books started and given up on but I still want to finish them anayway. Only one library book on the go and one is a loan from a friend which happily hasn't have a due back date.
I'll have to manage that reading them one after another though.


Well, this is, even by my standards (which you know are very, very loose--) too much. I am either going to try and finish most of the books by the end of the year or just quietly set them aside to a better moment. I would be happy with a pile about a third the size. I really don't know what my problem is this year--and to think in pre-blogging days I would never have even thought of reading more than say three books at once! Maybe it is my concentration--between home and work, I just can't seem to get control over my life....


Well, this will be the test--some of these books may well be set aside until I can give them proper attention--later. It's just a matter of giving in to all my whims that I really shouldn't (at least not Every whim!). I have to say that I think I agree with you about that main character in Crossbones Yard--there is something about her that puts me off, but I am going to try and finish as I am so far along. I like the premise and story, but she does grate on me somewhat. I wonder if her personality improves with the next book? I am enjoying the Rooney--didn't realize that she had written other books. Will wait to check them out...until I finish this one! I can't even blame the library on this pile as most of the books are my own. I don't know what my problem is--lack of focus? Lack of reading time? But I have not been too crazy on library book requests--I tend to go in phases. Besides when I bought that massive pile of books last weekend it was sort of sobering for me when it comes to book acquisitions.


That has actually crossed my mind--to try and listen to some of the books on audio. I tend to go in phases with audio books, though, and I have several new ones loaded but haven't been reaching for my MP3 player for some reason. I have had loads of DNFs this year--mostly a case of just randomly starting books and then not getting far into them and then putting them back on the pile. I can just consider those attempts as 'trying a story out' right?


See, I knew there was some method of getting more time. Sadly it is a fictional method. The story of my life. I can't believe, either, that the year is totally slipping by. Make it slow down, please! And the pile is daunting for me, too. Trust me. Maybe come late December--whatever is not finished just gets put back, no questions asked and I can start the new year totally from scratch and put a limit on myself--no more than five books at any one time. And that is likely Still being generous!


Yes, it really is a fine line and I can't seem to find a happy medium. There must be some reason for my weirdness when it comes to reading, though I am not sure what it is. I can't seem to complete things I guess. I need to try and focus on just one book until I finish and then move on to the next. For some reason this is easier said than done. I stuff in reading every moment, too. I think part of the reason for my slowed reading--or lack of reading time is that while I still don't have much of a social life per se, I have been doing lots of things on my own--going to lots of movies or to eat at a cafe of to author events and then my class on Tuesday nights--this is all good, but it does encroach a little on my reading. I like doing those things, though, and don't want to give them up, but it means I am a little more tired than usual and have a bit less time for other things. Still, I need to try and not dash off to the next book so soon...


See, never feel guilty for starting a new book...someone else has more books than you started..... I am honestly not trying to win a prize or set a record, but I appear to be on some sort of weird reading mission!


It's a little scary actually.... :) It does make me a little anxious and overwhelmed but I am not yet at the 'put them all back' point quite yet. Your last books of the year seem quite reasonable! I have lots of those books started and given up on--not exactly given up on, but I have allowed other books to cut in line. I want to try and get closer to that sort of reading style again--or at least just a very few on the go at once. Wish me luck...


Parnassus on Wheels! I haven't thought of that title in years. I loved it as a kid. You brought back a happy memory. I think I remember there being a companion volume.


It is a very fun read--I am almost finished and it has been a real delight to pick up every day. Yes, there is indeed a companion book that I will start when I finish Parnassus called The Haunted Bookshop--seems a perfect read for this time of year. It is one of my Melville House novellas, which are always such little treats!


I think you should approach this "Finish Books in Progress" in a way that works for you. I get a bit stressed out if I start reading too many books at one time, so when that happens, I take a look at the number of pages I have left in each book, and then take a stab at finishing the shortest page counts first. (Kinda like financial management when you pay the smaller bills first. You make visible progress and it's satisfying to cross them off the list. Works with both books and money!) :-)


That's sort of what I am trying--I finished Sandra Dallas yesterday and then the novella by Christopher Morley today. Now, however, I need to pay attention to the book for my class and a review copy, but at least it takes the decision out of my hands. It really does help to get that instant gratification for finishing something--a feeling I have not had in a while! And I was thinking, too, of writing down on my list how many pages to read total, how far I am and how many pages left...whatever works, right? I need to be thinking of my credit card debt next!

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