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Liz F

The subtle ones are always the best - particularly the ones that creep up on you!
Danielle McLaughlin sounds like one to watch too.


You know, often those stories with the slow creep are the scariest ones and once it all settles it is so hard to shake them off!


I agree. I like it when an author leaves it up to a reader's imagination to sort of fill in the blanks! I really liked the McLaughlin story and was disappointed to see that she doesn't yet have a book out. Something to look forward to. I think this weekend I will read Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher for one of my stories...


I like understated. Sometimes it is scarier to leave it up to the reader's imagination to fill in the blanks. It's when you are alone and thinking of what you've just read and then visualizing...well, I have a pretty good imagination and am pretty good at scaring myself! :)


I hope you'll like Poppy Z. Brite. She's macabre but I loved what I've read. Alos need to give her vampire novel Lost Souls - it has been made into a movie - a chance. It's always mentioned among the top 10 vampire novels.
I'm very interested in Danielle McLaughlin. Thanks for mentioning her.


I have a feeling that the story I read, which I liked, was not really one of her more macabre. It was well done and interesting but somehow not all that scary--and even with sort of a sweet ending. But I am curious about this family she writes about! The story by Danielle McLaughlin was excellent. It might be online now if you want to give her work a go!

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