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I signed up for the R.I.P. challenge this year, too. I haven't decided what I'm going to read yet; there are so many possibilities. I liked the Boyne book, This House is Haunted. It's a little slow at the beginning but really picks up speed and suspense from the middle to the end. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Reading!


That's a great list. I read This House is Haunted last year and loved it - it's a perfect R.I.P. book. Have fun!


My problem is always that I have too many good books to choose from and then seeing everyone else's list makes for even more temptations! I am glad to hear you liked the Boyne book--I have just read the first chapter but it looks promising--can't wait to get into it in earnest. I sort of like slow burns when it comes to reading.


It should be fun to read from the list--I am really looking forward to all of them! I have to have at least one haunted house book, too! ;)

Kristen M.

I'm already on my second RIP read ... A Lesson in Secrets by Jacqueline Winspear. I have to balance out my cosier RIP reads with the more scary ones. But I'm sure Maisie will manage to get in an extremely perilous situation or two. :) I'm also hoping to read This House is Haunted. I have to save that for a gloomy day though.


You always do so well on the RIP challenge! I have to go and see your list of reads. I love Maisie Dobbs--and a cozy mystery sounds lovely. I've got the Boyne and Robinson started. I hope to get through several books and lots of short stories. Now to just have some matching weather--nothing too cold or dreary but a nice fall day would be great! Happy reading!


I have This House is Haunted on my tbr -- will be interested to see what you make of it! So many great suggestions here...I'm definitely reading Shirley Jackson & Daphne Dumaurier but not sure how much more I can get to this year...

Liz F

After a week or so of quite cold, grey, damp weather when I came very close to giving in and switching on the heating, it appears that summer is trying to make a come back this week! Typical as it is when the schools (state ones anyway) go back!
Admittedly the sunshine has that hazy golden quality and there are a few leaves already down but it has certainly been pretty warm so far - just when I was getting ready to put away my summer things and start to bring out the autumnal stuff!

I'm guessing that if you are going to be near the mountains in Colorado it will at least be cool in the evenings so you can get into the RIP reading mode?
That is an interesting list you have set up - I think that apart from the John Boyne, the only one I have read is The Day of the Triffids and that was so long ago that I remember nothing about it now!
I don't think I have ever read anything by H G Wells - there are huge gaps in my classic reading lists which I keep meaning to do something about but have only got as far as making a list of those books I want to read and collecting a few of them as I come across them. No actual reading done as yet!
Haven't read a Peter Robinson book in years - I think I went off the Banks books when they cast Stephen Tompkinson in the role for the TV series and I was so appalled that I stopped reading them! Not saying he isn't a good actor but he isn't remotely how I saw Insp Banks or how (I think) the character would be! It's a bit unfair on Peter Robinson as he is a very nice man - I met him when I worked in a bookshop years ago and he came in to sign some books. He was very nice, quiet and unassuming unlike the publishers rep who was loud, pushy and rude!
My only plans for RIP reading is to finally try and get through the collection of ghost stories that I bought a couple of years ago - hopefully they will be just right for lunchtime reading at the office!


Fun list to choose from! I think I am going to only go with two, maybe three this year, one "modern" and one "old" and I haven't really decided yet. I will by tonight though!


I picked up This House is Haunted a few weeks ago in anticipation of an autumnal read. We'll have to chat if we both get it down in time. I'm looking froward to reading it!


So far, and I have only just read the first chapter, it looks quite promising. I am taking it on vacation where it will be much cooler and think the reading atmosphere will match better that of the book! :) I should have thought of Daphne du Maurier--maybe I'll add one of her books to my own pile! And Shirley Jackson is always good, isn't she?!


It's going to be very hot and humid here today and tomorrow--am so glad I will be leaving very soon for Colorado where it is much, much cooler! I've read a few things by HG Wells--he's an interesting person--I think his personal life was sort of mixed in terms of his relationships with women, but I do like his fiction. How cool that you met Peter Robison--I have only read one Insp Banks novel--so long ago I don't remember anything about it other than I really liked it. Should really pick up the first one and go from there. I think Before the Poison is going to be really good. Had to chuckle over your dislike of the actor playing the character--I had that sort of visceral reaction when I heard who was cast for the Elizabeth George books as they all seemed way too different than the book. In the end, however, I love the series and now have a hard time thinking of their 'looks' as anything different and am sad that the show is no longer being filmed!


I am pretty happy with the list I came up with--just hope I can manage to read as many as possible! I like the idea of mixing it up--classic with contemporary--I am looking forward to seeing your choices!


Doesn't it look like a perfect seasonal read? I like haunted house/ghost stories in the fall--just want the weather to match. I would love to hear what you think about it too--I love reading books like that in tandem with other readers.


One of the very first things I did when I satarted blogging was signing up for RIP. It feels strange not to particpate this year, especially since I'm reading loads of books that fit but I can't.
I'm looking forward to your reviews. You've got a few books lined up I'm interested in.


It is a fun thing to take part in and I look forward to it every year. Really I should be busy cleaning up all the loose ends of books I have going--my reading is all over the place and I have yet to finish a whole book this month...but I couldn't resist. I will be spending the rest of the year, however, trying to finish all the books I have started. I have my work cut out for me.

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